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Rothberg’s summer abroad courses go beyond the classroom. Along with students from over 90 countries, you’ll enjoy a packed schedule with exciting seminars, local trips, and fun activities.

Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as mature learners with academic backgrounds, can enjoy these courses in winter and summer.

Explore meaningful experiences beyond the classroom this summer by participating in our optional volunteering opportunity, available to interested students during Summer 2024.

If you want to get the most of your summer, you can combine courses from both July and August sessions.

All courses at HebrewU’s RIS are accredited and taught in English.

Scroll down for the July summer schedule to see which summer courses can be combined together in July.

Elementary Biblical Hebrew
This course is designed to provide you with a sufficient knowledge of Biblical Hebrew grammar, syntax, and vocabulary to read Biblical prose with the aid of a dictionary at the beginner level.

Colloquial Arabic for Beginners: Immersive Program
An intensive study of elementary, intermediate, and advanced colloquial and Modern Standard Arabic.

Trauma & Resilience: Theory & Practice from the Israeli Experience
In this course on trauma & resilience, you’ll engage with both theoretical literature and real-world case studies to learn the fundamentals of the field: consequences of trauma, healthy coping processes, possible pathological consequences, and the risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder. An optional third week of clinical training is offered for professionals interested in developing skills in the field. (48530 & 48531)

July Session

The Politics of Jerusalem
You’ll explore the contours of the city, its ethnic makeup, and the political developments that shaped it, gaining a better understanding of the dilemmas and struggles that affect contemporary city planning and urban design. (SPGE201/48882)

Conflict Resolution from Theory to Practice: Israel as a Case Study
You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and examine classic studies on conflict resolution, social and clinical psychology, and law. (SPCR202/48457)

The Emergence of the Modern State of Israel
You’ll learn about the emergence of the State of Israel, from the late nineteenth century to today. Through various field trips, you’ll explore key issues of nation-state building; the triangular conflict between the Zionists, British, and Arabs; and the emergence of religious, ethnic, and national tensions. (SPIS201/48775)

Jewish Spirituality and Mysticism in the 21st Century
A study of the influence of Jewish mysticism on contemporary spirituality, new-age thought, religious cross-fertilization, art, cinema, and politics. (SPJT205/48892)

The Riddle of Jerusalem:Uncovering the Mysteries of the Holy City
Through numerous field trips to sites throughout Jerusalem, you’ll explore the city in its various stages of development: from Biblical times to the Middle Ages, and onward to the present. (SPAR202/48794)

Israeli & International Law: Mishpatim Seminar
This course introduces students to the Israeli legal system, while focusing on current issues at the core of the Israeli legal debate. As a participant, you’ll examine key questions related to the identity of the Israeli state, including Jerusalem, the interaction with the Palestinian population in Israel and in the Occupied Territories, and the status of refugees. You’ll learn in both an academic environment and via several field trips, allowing you to experience first-hand the workings of the Israeli legal system.

The Israel-Hamas War: Beyond Campus Rhetoric 
This course provides participants / students with the tools to understand and engage with the issues regarding this more than century old conflict, its more recent manifestation on campus in visual culture and across the media and social networks. 

Breakthrough Technologies: Shaping the Future
In this course, you’ll explore how burgeoning technologies could impact our lives, industries, and society in the next 5-15 years. You’ll also meet researchers and inventors who have developed some of the latest breakthrough technologies in Israel. (SPEC203/48788)

Start-Ups & Innovation: The Israeli Model
You’ll master the essentials of entrepreneurship and innovation via the first-hand experience of successful Israeli innovators. Meet with serial start-up founders, industry specialists, and senior personnel from innovative R&D centers, and learn practical models, tools, and methodologies for launching start-up companies. (SPEC202/48787)

Summer Volunteering in Israel: Masa Initiative 
Join our 6-week summer adventure in Israel! Make a meaningful impact through volunteering in environmental and social projects. Immerse yourself in Jerusalem’s cultural and historical treasures, explore natural wonders, and earn 3 credits with our engaging course, “The Jewish World in the Wake of October 7.

Intensive Ladino program
Ladino, the traditional language of Sephardic Jews, is now endangered and primarily spoken in Israel and Turkey. The Ladino International Summer School offers a three-week intensive program to introduce students to Ladino language and the vibrant culture shaped by its speakers over centuries.

Israel’s Security in Perspective -Non-Credit Online Lecture Series
This Non-Credit Online Lecture Series provides an in-depth exploration of the history of the State of Israel, emphasizing its national security and relations with neighbors. Covering the Zionist pre-state era to the present, the program delves into subjective elements of national security, its ties to political and socioeconomic factors, and examines changing perceptions in response to the evolving Middle East. A guest lecturer, a former high-ranking official, offers theoretical insights coupled with firsthand experiences, addressing the day-to-day challenges in the field.

Transdisciplinary Innovation Program (TIP) 
The Transdisciplinary Innovation Program (TIP) is a new, cutting-edge international program that provides an intense educational experience that integrates computer vision, big data/cyber, and bioengineering. The program offers an unprecedented opportunity to personally interact with Nobel laureates, to work in heterogeneous teams under the mentorship of leading scientists and entrepreneurs, and to pitch ideas to investors. (SPSC201/48885)

HUJI Science Internship Program
This summer internship program offers senior undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain cutting-edge research experience in a wide variety of scientific fields while earning academic credit. Participants will work in a state-of-the-art laboratory under the guidance of leading Hebrew University scientists participating in the program.

Archaeological Field Schools
Spend your summer participating in important archaeological excavations throughout Israel, and earn credit at the same time. You can choose from archaeological digs from a variety of different periods in Israel’s history.

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TrackSAT ACT Psychometric Test
(General or QE)
Business & English1310 28629
Business & Liberal Arts131028629
English & Liberal Arts102019516
Pre-Semester Program: “Encountering Jerusalem”
Practical Hebrew Beginners 4 credits
Israeli Society3 credits
Pre-Semester Program: “Encountering Jerusalem”
Practical Hebrew Beginners4 credits
Modern Standard Arabic Beginners 5 credits
Jerusalem: A Journey Through Time and Space3 credits
Pre-Semester Program: “Encountering Jerusalem”
Practical Hebrew Beginners4 credits
Modern Standard Arabic Beginners 5 credits
Jerusalem: A Journey Through Time and Space3 credits
Pre-Semester Program: “Encountering Jerusalem”
Practical Hebrew Beginners 4 credits
Israeli Society3 credits