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Learn Arabic at the prestigious Hebrew University, an international top 100 university, through our Rothberg International School (RIS). Strengthen your Arabic language skills while interacting with native Arabic-speaking students on campus and enjoying all Jerusalem has to offer.
Study Arabic

Why Arabic Language in Israel at HebrewU?

  • Arabic is one of Israel’s two official languages.
  • Approximately 40% of Jerusalem’s population are native Arabic speakers – and even more speak Arabic as a second language.
  • HebrewU has over 60 years of experience in teaching Arabic.
  • Our campus is located in the cultural heart of the Middle East.

Program Options

Depending on your professional pursuits, immerse yourself in the Arabic language through intensive courses with options to study Literary Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic.  Amia (Palestinian dialect) is also available in certain programs. Beginner, intermediate or advanced levels are offered year-round.

Literary and Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic and Literary Arabic courses are offered at the Rothberg International School. While both varieties of Arabic provide the tools for reading and understanding Arabic media and published texts, their pedagogical approaches differ slightly. Some students may prefer to study Modern Standard Arabic if this is the adopted approach at their home institution.

Literary Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic courses are open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as students who wish to take it on a stand-alone basis.

Amia Arabic (Palestinian Dialect)

Colloquial Arabic is the spoken language used at home and in daily life and is slightly different from the formal written language. As the specifics of this language vary from one location to another, emphasis will be placed on the Palestinian dialect which is characteristic of the region.
Our communicative approach fosters cultural competency and emphasizes speaking, accurate pronunciation, and listening comprehension, while relying on daily-life themes.


Course offerings:

Summer Arabic Immersion Program

Undergraduate Semester or Year Arabic Language Program

Graduate Literary Arabic Courses


Note to students of the Division of Graduate Studies:

The summer courses in Colloquial and Modern Standard Arabic are not part of Division of Graduate Studies programs. If your wish to join these courses, you may apply for them separately and pay the associated fees.

The autumn and spring courses in Colloquial and Modern Standard Arabic are provided through the Division of Undergraduate Studies. Priority is given to students enrolled in the Division of Undergraduate Studies but you can add your name to a wait list to enroll in stand-alone Colloquial and/or Modern Standard Arabic courses.


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