STEMester Internship Program at the Rothberg International School at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Why Select the STEMester Internship Program?

  • Gain practical experience working in a state-of-the-art HebrewU lab.
  • Work as part of a team under the direct supervision of leading scientists.
  • Acquire a valuable international perspective on scientific research.
  • Present your research at a scientific meeting at the end of the semester.
  • Enroll in HebrewU STEM courses

This unique program offers a direct encounter with Israel’s cutting-edge research across STEM fields. In addition to valuable professional experience gained in the laboratory working alongside some of the world’s leading research scientists, you can choose to enroll in HebrewU STEM courses. You will complete a research paper under the guidance of a lab supervisor, and make a final end-of semester presentation at an undergraduate research meeting at the end of June.

Program Structure & Credits

You may study for a semester or year.

All programs begin with the Pre-Semester “Encountering Jerusalem” Program (3-5 credits) which will acquaint you with the language, culture and history of Jerusalem. 

As a STEMester student, you will intern in a lab during the semester. At the end of the semester, you will present your research at a scientific meeting of all participants and supervisors. In addition to your internship, you can enroll in STEM courses or choose elective courses from the Rothberg course catalog.

You will take between 13-15 credits during the semester in addition to a pre-semester course.

*If you are interested in an internship, you can begin your placement during the Pre-Semester

Autumn / Spring Semester

  • Lab internship: 12 weekly hours plus research paper (6 credits).
  • Electives – courses available in business and STEM subjects through HebrewU’s Science, Humanities, and Social Sciences Faculties (9 credits).

Option for a full academic year program also available.

You’ll be invited to participate in a wide array of trips, tours, and activities offered by the Office of Student Life, including a tour of the Old City, a trip to the Dead Sea, and festivals that are held throughout the year. Build your own unique impressions and memories of Jerusalem and Israel.

Housing on the Mount Scopus campus is available for you as a study abroad student. Living with other international and Israeli students provides you with the opportunity to form new friendships and get involved in campus life.

A team of multilingual Israeli students, called madrichim, are here to help you adjust to your new surroundings and give you tips on things to do. Learn more about student life at HebrewU.

While studying at HebrewU, you’ll experience Jerusalem’s incredible mosaic of cultures, foods, religions, and peoples. Stroll through a lively street market, or spend an evening with friends at a trendy nightclub. Intern with an Israeli start-up, or volunteer with one of the many nonprofit organizations here. Immerse yourself in the lively arts and culture scene, or pursue another interest that will connect you to the city through an independent study project. Entrepreneurs, creatives, scholars, scientists, and activists all flock to Jerusalem, making it an exciting place to study abroad. You’ll make new friends and new memories as you discover first-hand Jerusalem’s rich history, as well as its vibrant and innovative culture. Learn more about Jerusalem and start planning your adventure.

Program length:

Autumn: Late August through mid-January
Spring: Mid-January through late June (with the option to continue through July with a summer internship add-on)
View our Academic Calendar for exact dates.

For financial information, see Tuition & Fees

In order to apply, you must have already completed at least four full semesters at university. Your cumulative GPA should be a minimum of 3.0 (B) or equivalent.

Recent BA graduates are eligible to apply.


All applicants must complete a video interview with the Internship Coordinator prior to acceptance.

English Language Requirement

If you are from a non-English-speaking country and have not previously studied at an institution of higher education where the language of instruction is English, you are required to take an English proficiency test. A minimum TOEFL score of 89 on the internet-based test is required. The school code for TOEFL is 0206. Equivalent Cambridge or IELTS scores are also acceptable.


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Fast Facts



Language of Instruction:



Semester or year

Program Dates:

View our Academic Calendar for registration dates, deadlines, and more.


Completion of at least two full university semesters; minimum 3.0 (B) GPA; additional requirements for Special Interest Programs
First-year students see First-Year Study Abroad Program

Application Deadline:

Fall/Year Students: April 15
Spring Students: November 15

Internship Possibility:

Yes; independent study also available


For financial information, see Tuition & Fees for undergraduates

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TrackSAT ACT Psychometric Test
(General or QE)
Business & English1310 28629
Business & Liberal Arts131028629
English & Liberal Arts102019516
Pre-Semester Program: “Encountering Jerusalem”
Practical Hebrew Beginners 4 credits
Israeli Society3 credits
Pre-Semester Program: “Encountering Jerusalem”
Practical Hebrew Beginners4 credits
Modern Standard Arabic Beginners 5 credits
Jerusalem: A Journey Through Time and Space3 credits
Pre-Semester Program: “Encountering Jerusalem”
Practical Hebrew Beginners4 credits
Modern Standard Arabic Beginners 5 credits
Jerusalem: A Journey Through Time and Space3 credits
Pre-Semester Program: “Encountering Jerusalem”
Practical Hebrew Beginners 4 credits
Israeli Society3 credits