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Master’s Programs

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Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School (RIS) offers one- and two-year master’s degree programs, taught in English and designed for students who seek to further their education abroad and expand their career opportunities. Immerse yourself in your area of study through scholarly research, practical experience, and networking with peers and experts in your field. You need a bachelor’s degree to apply.

The RIS is located on the Hebrew University’s historic Mount Scopus campus. You can learn more about our campus here.

Equip yourself with the requisite tools for addressing the Smart City and prepare to join the ranks of urbanists – including planners, analysts and policy makers. The program is designed for students who seek to acquire a broad understanding of contemporary urban development, utilizing state of the art techniques in spatial analysis.

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Prepare for a meaningful career that will allow you to impact society and effect sustainable change. Earn an academic degree from Israel’s leading university and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to lead a nonprofit organization or social business. Establish networks with faculty and alumni as a resource for future professional development.

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Take a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to the study of Israel, including its history, politics, government, society, religion and culture. Study in Israel’s capital city – in close proximity to numerous government offices, NGOs, museums, archives and research institutes – and immerse yourself in a Hebrew-speaking environment.

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Spend a year in the heart of the Middle East and deepen your knowledge of the region, including its society, politics, history, religion, language and culture. Emphasis is placed on the modern history of the Middle East and the study of Modern Standard Arabic.

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Explore the archaeology of the Land of the Bible during the Bronze and Iron Ages. Study with experts in the field, participate in excavations, and gain access to the cutting-edge facilities at the HebrewU’s Institute of Archaeology.

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Study in the leading master’s program in the field! Our program is dedicated to contemporary Biblical studies and provides a strong foundation in both Biblical Hebrew and Akkadian. Modern Hebrew study is optional. Emphasis is placed on ancient Near Eastern history, archaeology, texts and languages.

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Gain an in-depth understanding of Jewish history, culture, language and literature from ancient times to the present. Prepare yourself for further academic study and take advantage of the vast resources – including research institutes, libraries and archives – that HebrewU. offers in the field of Jewish Studies. Study Modern Hebrew intensively and experience Jerusalem as your second classroom.

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The International Startup 360° MBA program is a unique and intensive one-year program that focuses on entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and the ecosystem, providing the students with the tools to analyze and develop business processes, while gaining practical experience.

Taught by experts in their field who share cutting-edge academic knowledge, the program covers subjects such as Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Operations, Technology and Human Resources.

In this program, the students will take part in a yearlong professional internship at leading technological firms and venture capitals, and during the summer semester in the Trans-disciplinary Innovation Program (TIP); An international entrepreneurship program that highlights today’s breakthrough technologies and hottest business trends, while giving the participants hands-on experience developing entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Explore emerging global business trends in pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical devices and digital health in the development of sustainable business models. Learn to conduct research, explore the opportunity and the challenges in the Med Tech sector to bring a product to the global markets. All that while   exploring the Israeli “Start Up Nation” ecosystem by being an intern in an Israeli company, and meet with business leaders from Israel’s Med Tech industry during site visits. One year accelerated MBA program.

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Enjoy a rich and advanced course of study in the fields of international and human rights law, with a focus on multiculturalism and conflict resolution.

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Choose from a wide range of academic courses taught by top legal experts from Israel, Europe, and North America. Gain a theoretical understanding of the field and study relevant cases from historical and comparative perspectives.

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We offer courses and programs in a variety of fields, with a focus on social and political sciences, Israel and the Middle East, languages, religion, fine and performing arts, business and legal studies, and STEM.

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Live on-campus with international and Israeli students – including a staff of Israeli students who help you navigate life in Jerusalem. This vibrant city will be your second classroom, full of trips and tours.

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