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Friends of RIS

Hebrew University Alumni Association

HebrewU’s core alumni association brings together thousands of our alumni from all over the world, united by support of the university’s mission and purpose. Our alumni work together to ensure HebrewU’s continued success as a leading university and a major cultural and intellectual force in Israel for years to come. The organization also collaborates with regional alumni groups to facilitate networking opportunities for our alumni abroad. 

American Friends of the Hebrew University

This US-based community organizes events across the country, features inspiring alumni in their “Alumni Profile” section, and highlights alumni writings on the “Alumni Bookshelf.” The organization also hosts a social networking platform called AFHU Connect, enabling members to access an exclusive group of HebrewU alumni. 

Australian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Since 1936, this organization has been working to enhance HebrewU’s name recognition within the Australian community, raising funds to support the university, and helping Australian students undertake study abroad in Jerusalem.

British Friends of the Hebrew University

Established in 1926, BFHU is the oldest Jewish charity supporting higher education. Today, it remains dedicated to supporting HebrewU through fundraising, scholarships, tours, summer programs, and more.

Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Founded in 1944 by Canadian philanthropist Allan Bronfman, CFHU encourages partnerships between Canada and Israel, spearheads major fundraising projects, sponsors scholarships, and supports student and faculty exchanges. The organization hosts chapters in Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, along with active groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

European Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

This organization provides support to a number of regional alumni associations throughout western Europe, including Friends of the Hebrew University groups in France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland.

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