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Welcome to Rothberg International School’s Undergraduate Program online application! Beneath this application window you will find details meant to help you through the application process. If your home school requires a printed copy, you will be able to print your submitted online application. If you are unable to apply using our online application, please email us to request an application.

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Exchange students who have been nominated by their university for the Exchange Program, please click on the button below to apply:

Eligibility & Program Cost

Please check your program page for information on eligibility and the cost of your program:

Application Guidelines

  • You must submit all required supplementary application materials as outlined below. If you cannot provide all of the required documents by the deadline, you are advised to submit an incomplete application with a letter listing the missing documents and when you will submit them.
  • The admissions team can only finalize decisions after receiving all required documents.
  • We will send all correspondence to the “permanent mailing address” that you provided on the application form. You must notify the office of any change of address or personal information.
  • You must submit multiple copies of some supplementary materials, as noted below.
  • We cannot return supplementary documents or transfer them to any other institutions.

Application Fee

The non-refundable application fee of US$ 120 may be paid by:

  • Credit card (MasterCard or VISA) during the online application process. Please note that there is a 1.9% convenience fee on all credit card payments.
  • Cash (in person)
  • Traveler’s check or money order payable to The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Personal checks are not accepted.
  • Bank transfer deposited or transferred to:
    Bank Discount (#11)
    Kanfei Nesharim Branch (#331)
    Account number 33182
    Swift/BIC Code: IDB LILITXXX
    IBAN (US$): IL360113310000006197770
    IBAN (€): IL030113310000010197771
    The transfer should include your name and requested program. You must bring a copy of this transaction to financial registration in Jerusalem.

If you are from the United States or Canada, you should consult your local office regarding payment procedures. For further information on how to make a payment, please see our Payment Information page.

Supplementary Application Materials

To be submitted with your online application or separately:

  • Statement of purpose (essay) of 300-500 words in English. (Formats accepted: doc(x), rtf, pdf, txt. Maximum file size: 2Mb.) Please respond to one of the following three questions, and be sure to relate your essay to your program of study and your academic goals.
    1. Why do you wish to study abroad?
    2. What are the three most important things you hope to gain from your experience in Israel?
    3. Describe a recent experience, achievement, or dilemma that was profoundly meaningful to you and impacted your life. Elaborate on how it affected you.

Note: The Merit Scholarship essay replaces the personal statement for the undergraduate application. Learn more about scholarships and financial aid.

  • Resume or curriculum vitae detailing your academic honors, published materials, extracurricular/community activities, foreign study, and recent employment experience. If submitting separately from application, then two copies are required.
  • Two confidential recommendations from faculty members who have first-hand knowledge of your academic abilities. If submitted separately from the online application, you must print two copies of the recommendation form and have them sent in sealed envelopes.
  • One passport-sized photo uploaded to your online application.
  • Israeli identity card (if applicable) in the form of a photocopy or scan of the inside page.


To be submitted separately from the online application:

  • Two official transcripts, either originals or notarized copies, must be sent directly from the relevant division/faculty/program. Faxes are not accepted for this purpose. Documents can be verified by bringing the original and a photocopy to the RIS office.
    • If the name on the academic records differs from the name on the application form, please submit official documentation authenticating the name change.
    • If you are still in high school, you must submit a letter from your school testifying to your upcoming graduation date.
    • Undergraduate study abroad program applicants must submit transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended.
    • Freshman/academic gap program applicants must submit transcripts from each high school attended.
  • Letter of parental consent should be submitted if you are less than 18 years of age at time of your application.
  • Official TOEFL scores of 80 or above on the internet-based test (RIS code 0206). This is only required if you have not previously studied at an institution of higher education where the language of instruction was English. For further information, see the TOEFL website. 
  • Official SAT or ACT score report or standardized high school test results (Optional), required for freshman/first-year/gap-year program applicants only.
  • Study abroad approval form (download). Not required for first-year/gap-year students.
  • Hebrew placement exam designed to assess Hebrew knowledge and used to place you in the appropriate class according to your proficiency level. After you submit the online application, you will receive the student number and personal code necessary to take the exam. If you are a complete beginner, you are advised to use the Aleph-Bet Click courseware on our website to study the Hebrew alphabet before you begin the course.
  • Medical certificate (downloaded during application process) completed and signed by your physician.

For the DanceJerusalem program only: 

The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (JAMD) requires the following application materials, which should be sent directly to: Ms. Shir Taieb, Coordinator for the International Students’ office at the JAMD:

  1. A short video (up to 7 minutesincluding the following classical ballet exercises:

    1. Center Adagio
    2. Corner Pirouettes
    3. Petit Allegro
    4. Grand Allegro
  2. A short video (up to 5 minutes) including the following contemporary/modern dance exercises:

    1. Floor Work
    2. Traveling Center Combination
  3. A short improvisation video (up to 3 minutes)

*You may replace videos 1 and/or 2 with a solo from the International Dance Repertoire.

These videos should be sent to: Shir Taieb, Coordinator for the International Students’ office at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance: 

Please be sure to update Moriyah Lamb at the AFHU office that the materials have been sent:

Where to Send Undergraduate Application Materials

Students from the United States

Office of Academic Affairs
Rothberg International School
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
199 Water St, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10038
Tel.: +1 (800) 404 8622, or +1 (212) 607 8520
Fax: +1 332-213-0448

Students from All Other Countries

Division of Undergraduate Studies
Rothberg International School
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Boyar Building Room 426,
Mount Scopus
91905 Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Tel.: +972 2 588 2628
Fax: +972 2 588 2363

Formal Acceptance

The only evidence of acceptance to a Rothberg International School Division of Undergraduate Studies program is an official letter issued by one of these offices:

  • Division of Undergraduate Studies at RIS
  • Office of Academic Affairs of the Hebrew University, New York

If you have received a conditional acceptance letter, you will only be permitted to complete financial registration and enroll in study programs after you have received a letter confirming that you have satisfied the conditions, as follows:

  • Completion of current studies
  • Fulfillment of language requirement(s) (Hebrew, English, Literary Arabic, Biblical Hebrew)
  • Presentation of official documents

Acceptance letters are valid only for the year issued. Deferred admission is not possible, and candidates must reapply each year.

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TrackSAT ACT Psychometric Test
(General or QE)
Business & English1310 28629
Business & Liberal Arts131028629
English & Liberal Arts102019516
Pre-Semester Program: “Encountering Jerusalem”
Practical Hebrew Beginners 4 credits
Israeli Society3 credits
Pre-Semester Program: “Encountering Jerusalem”
Practical Hebrew Beginners4 credits
Modern Standard Arabic Beginners 5 credits
Jerusalem: A Journey Through Time and Space3 credits
Pre-Semester Program: “Encountering Jerusalem”
Practical Hebrew Beginners4 credits
Modern Standard Arabic Beginners 5 credits
Jerusalem: A Journey Through Time and Space3 credits
Pre-Semester Program: “Encountering Jerusalem”
Practical Hebrew Beginners 4 credits
Israeli Society3 credits