History of Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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History of Rothberg International School

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History of Rothberg International School

International students have been coming to HebrewU since opening in 1925

The first program specifically for international students opened in 1956. The School for Overseas Students was formally inaugurated in 1971, and it became the Rothberg International School (RIS) in 1981 in honor of Sam Rothberg, whose vision, initiative, and drive were major factors in the school’s creation and development. Today, RIS has become an international arena, attracting students from around the world. The school has an accomplished faculty, with an annual student population of more than 2,000. Hebrew University brings students from over 90 countries together in Jerusalem to share a common experience.

History of Rothberg International School History of Rothberg International School
  • Hebrew University Quick Facts

    Founded: 1918 (opened 1925)
    Senior Faculty Members: 1,000
    RIS Students: 2,300
    Total HebrewU Students: 22,000
    Faculties: 7
    Schools: 14
    Academic Departments: 315
    Research Centers: 100+
    Alumni: 100,000
    Nobel Prizes: 8
    Fields Medal for Mathematics: 1
    Israel Awards: 269
    Wolf Prizes: 9
    EMET Prizes: 33
    Rothschild Prizes: 89

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    Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School offers you a challenging and rewarding academic environment to help you achieve your goals. Our tailored, flexible programs offer short- and long-term study opportunities.

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