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Online Application

Welcome to Rothberg International School’s Graduate Program online application! Beneath this application window you will find details meant to help you through the application process. If your home school requires a printed copy of the application, you will be able to print a copy of your submitted online application.

Graduate Application Deadlines

Full Year & Autumn Semester Programs

May 15 prior to the start of each academic year

Spring Semester Programs

November 30 prior to the start of the spring semester

Summer Programs

May 15 prior to the start of each summer semester

Please see the application instructions for Summer & Short-Term. Late applications will be accepted on a space-available basis. The deadline to apply for financial aid and scholarships may differ. Please check our Scholarships and Financial Aid page.

Eligibility & Program Cost

Please check your program page for information on eligibility and the cost of your program.

Application Guidelines

  • We will only accept applications submitted through the online application portal.
  • You must submit all supplementary documents as outlined below.
  • You will be notified of the admissions decision only after all required supplementary application materials have been received.
  • We cannot return supplementary documents or transfer them to any other institutions.
  • Within several days of submitting an online application, you will receive an email with a link to our admissions portal and log-in details, with which you can monitor your application status and upload new documents.
  • The Division of Graduate Studies will send all correspondence to the “permanent mailing address” that you provided in the application form. You must notify the Division of Graduate Studies of any change of address or personal information.
  • Acceptance to graduate programs is conditional upon submission of official academic records. Scanned or faxed copies of academic records are not considered official. Applications with scanned, photocopied, or faxed copies will be processed and you may be accepted on the condition that you present original paper copies or official electronic copies (“e-transcripts”) issued by your university registrar’s office.  E-transcripts must be sent by the university registrar’s office directly to the Division of Graduate Studies. Original academic documents must be received by the first day of your academic program.
  • The admissions decision-making process takes approximately one month once all documentation is received by the Division of Graduate Studies.

Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of US$ 80 may be paid by:

  • Credit card (MasterCard or VISA) during the online application process.  Please note that here is a 1.9% convenience fee on all credit card payments.
  • Cash (in person)
  • Traveler’s check or money order (in person), payable to The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Personal checks are not accepted.
  • Bank transfer deposited or transferred to:
    Bank Discount (#11)
    Kanfei Nesharim Branch (#331)
    Account number 33182
    Swift/BIC Code: IDB LILITXXX
    IBAN (US$): IL360113310000006197770
    IBAN (€): IL030113310000010197771
    The transfer should include your name and requested program. You must bring a copy of this transaction to financial registration in Jerusalem.

If you are from the United States or Canada, you should consult your local office regarding payment procedures. For further information on how to make a payment, please see our Payment Information page.

Supplementary Application Materials

To be submitted with your online application or separately:

  • Curriculum vitae detailing academic studies, foreign study, published materials, honors, extracurricular or community activities, and recent employment experience.
  • Statement of purpose of 300-500 words concerning your academic and professional background relevant to your intended field of study, your motivations for graduate study at Hebrew University, and your career objectives.
  • Two recommendations from current or former professors, university mentors or academic advisors who have first-hand knowledge of your academic abilities. You will be asked to enter your recommenders’ names and email addresses on the online application, and we will send them requests to fill out an online recommendation form. Note: Applicants to the graduate law programs only need to submit one academic recommendation.
  • Official academic records in the form of transcripts and diplomas from all prior university studies:
    • Only original documents issued by university registrar’s offices or notarized copies of the originals may be accepted as official. Certified “e-transcripts” are considered official only when sent directly to the Division of Graduate Studies by the university registrar’s office. Scanned, photocopied, or faxed copies of academic records are not considered official.
    • If you upload or send scanned, photocopied, or faxed versions of your academic records, you may be conditionally accepted to your program. You will be required to submit either official paper transcripts or certified “e-transcripts” (issued directly to the Division of Graduate Studies from the university registrar office) by the first day of your graduate program.
    • Documents in languages other than English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, or German must be accompanied by translations issued by the university registrar’s office or an authorized translator and notary.
    • If the name on the academic records differs from the name on the application form, you must submit official documentation authenticating the name change.
  • Official TOEFL scores of 89 or above on the internet-based test (RIS code 0206). IELTS scores of 7 or above will also be accepted. If you have completed a full degree at a university in which the sole language of instruction is English, you may request to be considered for exemption from this requirement.
  • Medical form (downloaded during the online application process) completed and signed by your physician.
  • Photocopy of Israeli identity card (if applicable).
  • Photocopy of personal information page on passport.
  • One passport-sized photo to be uploaded to your online application.   
  • Scholarship request form (for applicants applying to one of the scholarships offered by RIS): In order to be considered for these scholarships, you must have submitted an application to a graduate program. Learn more about Scholarships and Financial Aid.
  • Hebrew placement exam (if you wish to enroll in Modern Hebrew courses or if your intended M.A. program requires Modern Hebrew study): The exam is designed to assess your Hebrew knowledge and is used to place you in the appropriate class according to your proficiency level. After you submit the online application, you will receive an email with the student number and personal code necessary to take the exam. Complete beginners may skip to the end of the exam and click “submit.” Beginners are advised to use the Aleph-Bet Click courseware to study the Hebrew alphabet before beginning Modern Hebrew courses.
  • Official GMAT scores (M.B.A. program only).
  • Academic paper (graduate law programs only) written in English on the topic of your choice. This may be a seminar paper or final paper submitted for a university course. If you have not written an academic paper in English, you may translate two to three pages of an academic paper written in a different language into English and submit the short translation.
  • Invitation letter or letter of academic support (visiting research fellows only) from a faculty member or dissertation advisor from your home institution with first-hand knowledge of your academic abilities and who can attest to the purpose of your stay in Israel. If you have been invited by a Hebrew University faculty member, you may submit an invitation letter instead.
  • Applicants to M.A. programs in The Bible and the Ancient Near East and Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies who would like to be exempted from beginner-level Biblical Hebrew or Literary Arabic must submit documentation attesting to the fulfillment of the language requirements (e.g., transcripts and/or certificates, syllabi, letters from instructors, etc.) for review by the Division of Graduate Studies. You will be notified by email should you meet the exemption requirements.

Where to Send Graduate Application Materials

Upload Documents to an Existing Application

You can upload your documents here.


Email the Division of Graduate Studies


Division of Graduate Studies
Rothberg International School
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Boyar Building Room 520, Mount Scopus
91905 Jerusalem, ISRAEL

Formal Acceptance to Graduate Studies

The RIS Division of Graduate Studies will communicate all admissions decisions by formal letter. The formal letter will be sent by post, and you will also receive an emailed copy. If you receive a conditional acceptance letter, you will be required to resolve the condition of your acceptance before the start of your program. Acceptance letters are valid only for the year issued. Deferred admission is not possible, and candidates must reapply each year.

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