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Final Days in Jerusalem

It has been four months since I first arrived in Israel. Everything was new and different. I had never been […]

by Lihong Chan on January 10, 2019

Hanukkah: Follow Your Dreams, Share Your Light

What is it that you want from life? What do you have to give to others? What is the mission […]

by Fransiscus Ismaël on December 20, 2018

Peace Does Not Mean an Absence of (The Israeli-Palestinian) Conflict

What does peace mean? How does a peaceful world look like? Can we ever, if so how, make an end […]

by Fransiscus Ismaël on December 13, 2018

Weekend Adventures in Jerusalem

The weekends are the only real time I have to explore Jerusalem to find the small gems of this city. […]

by Lihong Chan on December 5, 2018

Thanksgiving Abroad

On Thanksgiving Day, we had the opportunity to attend the Thanksgiving dinner hosted by RIS, and it was a fun […]

by Ariana Speight on November 25, 2018