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Hebrew University

Living in Jerusalem

It’s been one month since I arrived in Israel and the time has flown by! It feels as if I […]

by Lihong Chan on October 31, 2018

Making Connections through the Ulpan

Here I am on this lovely morning watching the sunrise on Yom Kippur – 25 hours of atonement. For me, […]

by Ariana Speight on October 18, 2018

Who are we without language? (Hebrew, Especially)

From the moment we are born, we slowly learn to communicate. At first, we use facial expressions and our body […]

by Fransiscus Ismaël on October 15, 2018

How to Make Something Wonderful of Your Time in Jerusalem

Where are you from? Why are you here? These are not just the first few questions you learn to ask […]

by Fransiscus Ismaël on September 6, 2018

I am German and I Interned at Yad Vashem

I am German. When I walk through the museum at Yad Vashem, I read posters from 1933 written in my […]

by Luisa Seutter on July 26, 2018