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Available Special Programs

Concordia University: Azrieli Institute’s Summer in Jerusalem

This course offers an introductory understanding of the emergence and operation of the Israeli system. 

Biblical Archaeology in Israel

The Bible remains the best-selling book of all time and a source of inspiration, devotion, and history. But how does it stack up against the archaeological record? This course uncovers the rich history of Israel and the ancient Near East from settlement in Canaan to the conquest of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, with a fascinating mix of lectures and field trips.

Jerusalem-Galilee Engineers

We offer this comprehensive program in partnership with ORT Braude College, located in the Galilee area of Israel, for engineering students in the third or fourth year of study. As a participant in this semester-long program conducted in English, you’ll gain insight into Israel’s high-tech, engineering, and entrepreneurial innovations.

Spring Semester Program for Bible Translators

We offer this six-month program in partnership with the Home for Bible Translators. As a participant, you’ll enjoy a welcoming, supportive atmosphere where you can deepen your knowledge of the Hebrew Bible. This program is ideal for English-speaking translators and consultants with basic knowledge of Hebrew.

University of Chicago: Jerusalem in Middle Eastern Civilizations

We partner with the University of Chicago to offer a spring-quarter Jerusalem program so that University of Chicago students can study Middle Eastern civilizations in one of the world’s most fascinating cities. As a UChicago student participating in this program, you’ll also take a fourth course in practical Modern Hebrew or Arabic language at the appropriate level.

The Asper International Program on Israeli Law and Society (Mishpatim)

In this three-week seminar, we provide Canadian business and law students with an overview of the contemporary Israeli legal system, while broadening understanding of the major social and economic challenges Israel has tackled in recent years.


InnovNation is a special program that seeks to introduce students, professionals, and entrepreneurs from all over the globe to Israel’s booming high-tech industries and wealth of creativity. As a participant in this course, you’ll combine theoretical know-how with the insights and experience of Israel’s top innovative companies and entrepreneurs to reach a new understanding of innovation.

Institute for Education in International Media (ieiMedia): The Jerusalem Project

Don’t just see the world…cover it! Go beyond the headlines and get the real story on Israel in this hands-on, four-week international reporting program in Jerusalem, one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world. You’ll learn how to develop sources, conduct interviews, and work with an interpreter to report on the city around you.

Transdisciplinary Innovation Program (TIP)

The Transdisciplinary Innovation Program (TIP) is a new, cutting-edge international program that provides an intense educational experience integrating computer vision, big data/cyber, and bioengineering. This program offers you an unprecedented opportunity to personally interact with Nobel laureates, to work in heterogeneous teams under the mentorship of leading scientists and entrepreneurs, and to pitch ideas to investors.

Michigan State University: Jewish Studies Summer Program

In this customized program, you’ll learn about and experience the history, politics, society, and culture of Israel. You can take one RIS summer course followed by an MSU faculty-led seminar to earn eight credits in the arts, humanities, or social sciences while living and studying in Jerusalem! Students from MSU and other colleges or universities are welcome. You can apply through MSU and transfer the credits to your home institution.

Trauma & Resilience: Theory & Practice from the Israeli Experience

We have teamed up with the METIV Trauma and Crisis Treatment Center to help students and practitioners in the fields of psychology and social work stay abreast of the latest developments in the trauma field, with emphasis on the Israeli perspective and experience.

Yad VaShem International Seminars for Educators

This program is designed for a diverse international group of educators from all over the world. As a participant in this nineteen-day seminar, you’ll have an intense and rigorous learning experience that will challenge you on every level. You’ll hear from preeminent scholars in Holocaust scholarship, research, and pedagogy – and gain a broader perspective and deeper understanding of the Holocaust.

Coexistence in the Middle East Summer Program

This program offers you a unique opportunity to understand the challenges and complexities of coexistence in Israel: the Holy Land for Christians, Jews, and Muslims; a key point of interest and dispute for the international community; and the homeland shared and claimed by both Israelis and Palestinians. Through extensive field trips and first-hand interaction with leading representatives of different disciplines, you’ll gain exposure to a wide variety of people, narratives, and perspectives. The program is made up of three independent courses that you can choose from.

Hamline University: Conflict Resolution from Religious Traditions

Israel is a diverse society – religiously, politically, and culturally. This blend of cultures inspires a search for both traditional and novel ways of resolving disputes between individuals and communities. As a participant, you’ll be introduced to law and conflict resolution in Jerusalem, provided with a fresh perspective on the interaction of law and religion, and challenged to reexamine your assumptions and beliefs.

Mishpatim Seminar: Israeli & International Law 

This course introduces students to the Israeli legal system, while focusing on current issues at the core of the Israeli legal debate. As a participant, you’ll examine key questions related to the identity of the Israeli state, including Jerusalem; the interaction with the Palestinian population in Israel and in the Occupied Territories; and the status of refugees. You’ll learn in both an academic environment and via several field trips, allowing you to experience first-hand the workings of the Israeli legal system.

VC in Emerging Technologies: Investing in the Future (OurCrowd-InnovNation Program)

Deepen your knowledge of key concepts and the basic structures of venture-backed deals and gain insight into the ways that technologies such as AI, Bio-Engineering, Cyber, IoT, 3D printing, and blockchain will impact our world in the next decade through an exploration of various examples of investment opportunities in Israeli start-ups.

Available Programs

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