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Coexistence in the Middle East: Summer & Winter Program

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Fast Facts


Coexistence in the Middle East: Summer & Winter Program

Teaching Faculty:

Program director: Mr. Javier Gelbwaser

Language of Instruction:

English; Program can be arranged in Spanish for an organized group


Academic hours

  • Summer: 135
    Credits: 9 
  • Winter: 45
    Credits: 3
Program Dates:

Summer: July 2-26, 2018 & August 2-14, 2018

Winter: December 27, 2018 – January 10, 2019


Undergraduate and graduate students; mature learners with an academic background

Application Deadline:

Summer: May 1, 2018
Winter: November 1, 2018


Summer Tuition:
US$ 1,675 (1 course)
US$ 2,995 (2 courses)
US$ 4,262 (3 courses)
Housing prices vary:
US$ 350-850

Winter Tuition: US$ 1,800
Housing: US$ 450

Relevant Academic Fields:

Sociology, cultural studies, journalism, history, international relations, religious studies

For more information: Program website: Study Abroad Program in Israel Summer & Winter 2018 “Coexistence in the Middle East”


  • Gain exposure to a wide variety of people, narratives and perspectives in Jerusalem and the surrounding area.
  • Develop deeper insight into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through exploring contrasting narratives.
  • Examine the challenges and opportunities presented by the Arab Spring.
  • Explore the contradictory roles that religion plays as both obstacle and facilitator to peace in the Holy Land.


We’re pleased you’re applying to join us in Jerusalem. To enroll in the full Coexistence in the Middle East Summer Session Program (all three courses) or in the Winter Session:

  • On the online application, click on Special Programs.
  • Select the session of your choice.

To enroll in only one or two of the courses for this summer session program, select the courses of your interest from the list of “Summer Courses” in the online application. Learn more about the application guidelines.


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