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Request Transcripts

The Rothberg International School has transitioned into issuing certified school transcripts online in digital format.



If you prefer ordering official paper transcripts (hard copy) - please continue to the following link.


Request Official Certified E-transcripts

Students can request to have a digital, certified copy of their e-transcripts sent directly to any email address in an easy and secure fashion, without having to wait for their transcripts to be sent in the mail or having them couriered expensively.

The transcripts are sent in a secure, digital format and therefore provide the following benefits:

  • Quick and easy online interface
  • Possibility to store your transcripts online in a safe, secure location for future use


How Does It Work?


Step #1: Proceed to the e-transcript request link at the foot of the page, to request a certified e-transcript from the Rothberg International School (RIS) through MyEasyDocs.


Step #2: Proceed to payment gateway to make your payment* - see pricing.

Step #3
: After request of and payment for a certified e-transcript you will receive a message via email with initial log in details to your MyEasyDocs account, which will be automatically setup for you. 


Step #4: You will be notified by email once the relevant RIS department has issued the requested certified e-transcript to your MyEasyDocs account. 


Step #5: The certified e-transcript is available in your MyEasyDocs account. Your certified e-transcript remains in your personal MyEasyDocs account for future use and can be forwarded to any specified email address at an additional cost - see pricing*.


Step #6: To forward your certified e-transcript to any specified email address, log in to your MyEasyDocs account and follow the instructions.


  • Request a certified e-transcript from the Rothberg International School  to be added to your MyEasyDocs account: US $10 (one-time fee)
  • Email an e-transcript to any specified email address: US $15 (per copy)

Pricing Example: Should you need to submit your certified e-transcript to 3 different institutions, you would pay $10 (one-time fee) at first in order to request for your certified e-transcript from the Rothberg International School to be added to your MyEasyDocs account. Every time you wish to forward your certified e-transcript to any specified email address (University Admissions Offices, Study Abroad offices, etc.) a $15 fee will be charged per forwarded transcript.


Therefore,your total fee for forwarding 3 certified e-transcripts would be: $10 + (3 x $15) = $55.


  • Students are entitled to receive five official copies of their transcript (record of study) free of charge within six months of completion of the academic requirements of their program. 
  • Before requesting a transcript: Make sure that all outstanding fees have been paid (to both the RIS and the Dorms) by contacting the Financial Department at the RIS before you leave.
  • Requests for transcripts from regular Hebrew University (i.e., non-Rothberg) degree programs should be addressed to the relevant Faculty Secretary.
Proceed to request an official certified e-transcript from RIS 
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