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Request Paper Transcripts

As a student at Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School, you are entitled to receive five official paper copies of your transcript free of charge within the first six months after you complete the academic requirements of your program. The academic requirements include paying all fees for tuition and housing, and returning any library books or keys – so be sure to confirm that your entire balance is paid with the Financial Department!

To receive these official paper transcripts free of charge, please contact the appropriate division before you leave campus:

Requesting Additional Copies

If the six-month period has elapsed, you can order an official certified e-transcript – a safe, secure digital copy with no shipping fees or delays. Or, you may follow the process described below to obtain paper transcripts via mail for a fee of US$ 15 per transcript (standard mail; arrives within 30 days).

Please note that this is a two-step process:

  1. Payment: Transcript requests will not be processed until payment is received.
    • Pay online:  For quick, simple processing, we recommend that you pay online. Please note there is a non-refundable service fee. (Forgot your Hebrew University student number? If you’re in the US, contact hebrewu@hebrewu.com. All other locations, contact risfinance@savion.huji.ac.il.)
    • Pay via check:  If you are in the US, make your check payable to “The Hebrew University of Jerusalem/Rothberg International School.” If you are anywhere other than Israel or the US, make your check payable to your local association of “Friends of Hebrew University” for the equivalent dollar amount in local currency. In Israel, personal checks are not acceptable, and you will need to pay online.
  2. Fill out the Transcript Request Form:
    • Complete the form online. Please double-check that you’ve entered everything correctly before clicking “submit.” Once you send the form, you won’t be able to change the information. Complete the Transcript Request Form.
    • Print and mail form. If you are a resident of the US or Canada, you may print the form and send it to your local RIS office. If you are a resident of another country, you may print the form and send it to the address listed below. Please note that you will need to declare the appropriate division in the first line of the address:[Please select one: Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies, or Preparatory Program] Rothberg International School
      The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
      Mount Scopus, 91905
      Jerusalem, Israel


Official paper transcripts are sent via regular post from Jerusalem and can take up to 30 days to arrive. Unfortunately, we can’t track transcripts while they are in transit. If it’s been longer than 30 days and you still have not received your transcripts, please contact the relevant division, such as Undergraduate, Graduate, and so forth.

If you need an unofficial copy immediately, the Jerusalem office can fax it. Make sure to enter the fax number in the appropriate line on the request form. The fee for faxed transcripts is US$ 15.

I Need My Transcripts Now! 

Official certified e-transcripts are the fastest method. If you need official paper transcripts quickly, the Jerusalem office can send the transcripts via FedEx to arrive in three business days. This can be expensive, sometimes around US$ 80 per package.

If you are having multiple transcripts sent via FedEx, we recommend you have the transcripts sent to your home first; you can send them on from there, with much more affordable domestic shipping.

If you’d like us to send your transcripts via FedEx, please create a FedEx account online (www.fedex.com). Enter your FedEx account name and account number on the Transcript Request Form.

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