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Rabbi Todd Zeff 1993-94

Rabbi Todd Zeff studied at Rothberg for a year in ’93/’94. He co-directs the Nachshon Project Fellowship which was created […]

Aviva 1993-94 & Eliana 2019-20 Lebson

Last December 24, during the winter break of Eliana’s Freshman year at the University of Hartford, she landed in Israel […]

Yonatan Ovad 2018-19

We are so excited for you to meet our South African Mechina alumnus, Yonatan. As he arrived on his first […]

Cheyenne Plott 2015-16

Cheyenne Plott Cheyenne visited Israel for the first time in 2013 on a ten-day course with her undergraduate university, Middle […]

Juliette Mareste 2017-18

Juliette Mareste  Before coming to Jerusalem, Juliette remembers writing in her cover letter to the Hebrew University: “I wish to […]