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Rabbi Todd Zeff 1993-94

Rabbi Todd Zeff studied at Rothberg for a year in ’93/’94. He co-directs the Nachshon Project Fellowship which was created to inspire particularly bright and curious college students early on in their career exploration process and encourage them to consider careers that serve the Jewish world.  The fellowship ensures that our schools are filled with enthusiastic teachers, our Jewish institutions are run by Jewishly-literate and passionate leaders, and our Shuls are led by rabbis whose knowledge and love of Judaism inspire our communities.

The program enables 35-40 exceptional undergraduates per year to see what Jewish professionals actually do and why they do it. Undergraduate fellows on The Nachshon Project participate in a tuition-free semester at the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem during their junior year of college, which is supplemented with approximately 20 hours per week of career exploration, Israel education, Jewish text study, mentorship, and leadership development.

As a result of The Nachshon Project Fellowship, more creative and talented young adults are choosing to pursue careers in the Jewish world. With the education, mentorship, and guidance they receive on the program, they are walking away with a clearer vision of how they can have an impact moving forward.

After graduating from college, Nachshon Project Fellows have the opportunity to receive generous graduate fellowships of $30,000 per year to gain graduate degrees which will lead them on a path of service to the North American Jewish community.

In addition to providing significant financial assistance, The Nachshon Project Graduate Fellowship supplements the fellows’ graduate school studies with both academic and experiential learning, skill-building seminars, and networking opportunities. This fellowship ensures that individuals who strive to push the Jewish mission of North American Jewish organizations have the opportunities to do so, as well as the skills and networks they need in order to succeed in their efforts.

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rabbi Zeff served as the Director of Camp Ramah in the Poconos for over a decade. He holds dual degrees in Communication Arts and Hebrew Language from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition, he received his M.A. in Non-Profit Business Administration from the American Jewish University, and a Master’s Degree and Rabbinic Ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary. You can contact him at rabbizeff@thenachshonproject.com.

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