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Start Ups and Innovation: The Israeli Model (SPEC202/48787)

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Study Abroad Program in Israel - the Start Up Nation - Summer 2017


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Program Director: Mr. Javier Gelbwaser

Course Instructor: Mr. Liad Agmon/ Mr. Yoav Herzig
Academic Head: Prof. Ari Rappoport


July 3 -  27, 2017


Registration & Dorm Check In: July 3, 2017

Final Day for Dorm Check Out: July 27, 2017

Academic Hours: 45 | Credits: 3

Tuition: $1750 | Housing: $775

Class schedule: TBD

Please note, this course can be taken as a single course or as a component of the 6-credit program entitled InnovNation.

This course offers a unique opportunity to benchmark Israel’s best practices in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. Throughout the program, participants will gain direct access to the insights and know-how of renowned start-up founders, mentors, investors, high-tech companies, and R&D centers of multinational corporations in the Start-Up Nation. In addition, participants will learn practical models, tools and methodologies critical to the creation of start-up companies and the development of innovative ventures of large organizations.


Site visits and Meetings

Through a wide array of guest lectures and behind-the-scenes visits to leading companies and organizations in Israel's entrepreneurial ecosystem and high tech industry, participants will meet face-to-face with:

  • Successful start-up founders and mentors
  • Accomplished executives from leading companies
  • Well-known angel and venture capital investors
  • Innovative R&D staff and technology experts
  • Prominent industry and academic figures

Due to the busy and dynamic schedules of the companies and guest speakers that collaborate with this initiative, meetings and visits will be finalized at a later date. As a reference only, participants may refer to last year's itinerary for the InnovNation program.


Course and Study Visits Outline

Throughout the course participants will learn practical concepts, models, and methodologies, which will equip them with real-world insight on the following subjects critical to the creation and development of innovative projects:

  • Understanding new trends and markets
  • Ideation and problem solving
  • Selling the idea & networking
  • Business model generation
  • Product development
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing & customer development
  • Culture & company building
  • Managing uncertainty and opportunities





This course is taught by one of the following instructors.


Yoav Herzig is a seasoned executive and an expert in innovation management, international business development and entrepreneurship. He is currently the Innovation Director at IAI, a large Israeli aerospace firm. He previously served as the Asia and Australia Director of Sales at Amdocs Ltd. As a top executive, he closed multimillion dollar deals and cultivated partnerships with large multi-nationals. Yoav co-founded StepIn Ltd. and served as VP of Business Development & Marketing Operations at White Cell Inc., which reached an exit and was awarded one of Europe's most innovative telecom start-ups of the year. As Managing Director of Intersystems (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd., he turned the company to profitability in a short period of time. Yoav is also a lecturer at Tel Aviv University's International MBA Program.


Liad Agmon is a serial entrepreneur with rich experience as a startup founder and as a Fortune 500 executive. He founded information security vendor Onigma (acquired by McAfee) and social search company Delver (acquired by Sears Holdings). Following Delver's acquisition, Liad served as a VP of New Services at Sears Holdings and was a board member of its $2B+ business units of Home Electronics and Outlets. Liad serves as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Bessemer Venture Capital, heads a new AdTech startup and is teaching at the Entrepreneurship MBA program in Tel-Aviv University and in the Zell Program at IDC Herzliya. He holds a BA Cum Laude from Tel-Aviv University in Computer Sciences and Film Studies.

Application Information

This program is open for students who have completed at least one year of study in the areas of Business, NPO Management, Economics, Natural & Applied Sciences, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship. Professionals and entrepreneurs are also welcome to apply.

Please note that it is recommended to take part in both courses of the InnovNation Program: "Start Ups and Innovation: The Israeli Model" and "Breakthrough Technologies: Shaping the Future." These courses are designed to complement each other and together they offer a more complete and valuable experience.


Please note:

  • The number of participants in this course is limited.
  • Priority will be given to applicants to both courses.
  • When registering for more than one course, participants will be offered a 10% discount off of the total tuition fee.  

Applicants currently enrolled in or who have completed an MA program are able to earn graduate credits for their participation in a summer course. More information on earning graduate credits is available on our website.


Take a look at our Online Application Instruction Video and the Overview of the Application Guidelines with useful information on how to complete and submit your online application.


To apply for this program, please click on the following button:


 Application Deadline: May 15th, 2017


To receive updates on this program or information relevant to your campus or location please fill out the following online form.


***Please note: The Hebrew University reserves the right to cancel courses for which there is insufficient registration.***


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