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Level Bet: Lower Intermediate

Courses at Level Bet consolidate and broaden your understanding of the grammatical structures and vocabulary you studied in Level Aleph. By the end of Level Bet, you’ll be familiar with the basic structure of the Hebrew language. 

Skills Covered

  • Comprehension: Listening to the news, recorded radio programs, and lectures in easy Hebrew
  • Conversation: Conversations, discussions, and short lectures based on the passages read and heard; informal meetings with Israelis, reported on afterwards in class
  • Reading: Passages from stories and texts adapted into easy Hebrew; short newspaper articles in easy Hebrew
  • Writing: Writing structured compositions and short passages on the topics studied
  • Grammatical skills: Syntactic consolidation and elaboration of basic structures, inflection of the strong verbs in the future tense, and frequent weak verbs

Bet Syllabus

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