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Summer Ulpan Programs

Hebrew University is an ideal setting for studying Hebrew over the summer.

  • Get intensive daily classroom instruction from top native-speaking Hebrew instructors at one of the best universities in the world.
  • Bring your studies to life with field trips, cultural activities, and guest lectures.
  • Live in Jerusalem to experience an exciting mosaic of cultures, food, religions, and people.
  • Make connections with Israeli and international students to immerse yourself in Israeli life. 

Attendance is mandatory throughout the entire course. 

Summer Ulpan

Please note: The opening of classes is dependent upon sufficient registration.

Program dates: August 3 − September 21, 2022
(Check calendar for most recent dates)
Application deadline: July 3, 2022
Hours & credits:

Aleph- Gimmel: 200 academic hours; 10 credits

Dalet- Vav:  140 academic hours, 5 credits

Exam Date: September 21, 2022

Program schedule:

Levels Aleph- Gimmel

Levels Gimmel- Dalet

In the Summer Ulpan, you’ll complete a full level of Hebrew unless you are a complete beginner and start the program without a good command of the Hebrew alphabet.

An “Ulpan” (pronounced “ool-pan”) is a studio or class designed for intensive instruction of Modern Hebrew.

For more than 50 years our Summer Ulpan has been the jewel in the crown of our yearly work. Thousands of students benefited from our best qualified and most experienced teachers, and celebrated the atmosphere of Jerusalem and student activities.

Students who complete the Summer Ulpan successfully will receive a transcript and academic credit from the Hebrew University.

Please note: The opening of classes is dependent upon sufficient registration.

See How to Apply for more information.


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Additional Resources

Are you a complete beginner? Learn the Hebrew alphabet on the web before you start your program. Use Internet Explorer (you may need to select the “compatibility view” setting) to access the online Hebrew Alphabet Learning Program.

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