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Registering for Insurance

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Registration Procedure

  1. Please complete the Health Insurance Application and submit it online.
  2. You must complete ALL of the fields to register for health insurance.
  3. Those who answered “yes” to any of the questions on the form may be asked to send a recent, up-to-date letter from their attending physician noting the relevant dates and the current status of the medical condition to RIS. The decision regarding approval will be sent to RIS and the student.
  4. Any previous or current medical problem may affect insurance coverage limitations.
  5. Each case is considered individually on the basis of age, insurance period, and severity of the condition.
  6. Please be aware that if the insurance agency discovers that information submitted about prior/chronic conditions is incomplete, all liability may be rescinded.

If you complete all of your financial obligations by the deadline, you will receive your health insurance card upon arrival; otherwise, health insurance membership cards are generally available a few days after registration. You are responsible for picking up your health insurance card in the Boyar Building, Room 402. It is important to carry this card at all times. It must be presented when seeking service.

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