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Preventing Sexual Harassment

Hebrew University strives to be a healthy environment in which everyone is treated with equal respect, and a place where students, faculty, and staff can learn, research, and work; develop personally, professionally, and socially; and exchange thoughts and knowledge.

In the university, as in any organization, unacceptable events do occur. HebrewU has made it a goal to eliminate the phenomenon of sexual harassment and holds a zero tolerance policy on this subject. 

This site is part of Hebrew University’s effort to prevent sexual harassment.

University leaders appointed a committee, headed by Professor Barak Medina, which reviewed the laws on this subject. The committee was assisted by the university community, which raised many useful suggestions and recommended a formal regulations document for the prevention of sexual harassment that includes updated information.

In addition to the new regulations, groups of university community members were brought together to discuss ways to raise awareness about sexual harassment prevention and to encourage the reporting of harassment. This activity has been done with the cooperation of the entire university community – including leadership, staff, faculty, and students – in order to strengthen the trust of the students and employees. This increased trust and communication will help further HebrewU’s mission to prevent sexual harassment and promote the reporting of harassment incidents.


Hebrew University Commissioners for Complaints of Sexual Harassment

Phone number: +972 54 882 0889

Rothberg International School Representatives

Emergency Phone Number, Office of Student Life

Phone: +972 54 882 0217

Law for Preventing Sexual Harassment

The law for the prevention of sexual harassment was passed by the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) in 1998. The purpose of the law is to forbid and prevent sexual harassment in order to hold up a person’s dignity, freedom, and privacy and to promote equality among all people.

Link to the law (in Hebrew)


Harassment and discrimination based on sexual motivations hurts people’s honor, freedom, and privacy and creates a climate of inequality. Sexual harassment is a criminal offense, a civil wrong, and a severe disciplinary infraction. Sexual harassment damages working and studying relations and is against university policy.

The purpose of these regulations is to promise that Hebrew University will serve as a workplace and learning institution that does not allow sexual harassment or sexual discrimination.

The regulations are relevant for all genders, regardless of the specific language used.


Hebrew University’s yearly report about the prevention of sexual harassment is prepared by the commissioner and describes all of the actions taken to prevent sexual harassment. It is shared with the university president, rector, and CEO.

Link to report (Hebrew)

Additional Resources

Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel

Emergency hotlines:

  • Women: 1202
  • Men: 1203
  • Arab Women: +972 4 656 6813
  • Religious Women: +972 2 673 0002
  • Religious Men: +972 2 532 8000
  • Office Telephone: +972 73 701 3215

Email: office@igud1202.org.il
Fax: +972 2 652 1219

P.O Box 53262
Jerusalem, 9153102

Hebrew University Counseling Services

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Building 10, Meyersdorf Dorms
Mount Scopus Campus
Jerusalem 9190501
Phone: +972 2 588 2685

Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance Counseling Services

Email: office@joh.org.il
Phone: +972 58 592 8357

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