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Activities Registration

Who is entitled to the Activities Package? 


In general, most students enrolled in the semester or year programs at the Rothberg International School receive the package through payment of their tuition fees.Students who have used up all their points and students attending summer and short-term programs may purchase one of the following Activity Packages:

IMPORTANT:  All prices quoted are in US dollars (US$). 


1 point


 2 points


 3 points


 4 points


 5 points


 6 points



If you have some points, but not enough for the trip or activity in which you would like to participate, you must purchase one of the above activity packages at


  • Points do not have an equivalent money value and will not be reimbursed in cash.  
  • Some activities may be added during the course of the year; these will be publicized on the Internet and bulletin boards.  
  • Each student must come in person to the OSA office (Room 402) to sign up at least one week in advance before each trip. Under NO circumstances may points be transferred to another student.   

Important Information about all OSA Activities

Activities are open only to Rothberg International School students.

Refunds are issued only under the following circumstances:

  • Cancellation by the student 7 days in advance.
  • Cancellation by the student less than 4 days in advance, accompanied by a doctor’s note.
  • Cancellation of an activity by OSA.  

Shabbat and Kashrut   

  • There is no driving on Shabbat during tours and seminars sponsored by OSA.
  • All food provided at OSA activities is kosher.
  • Several Shabbatonim are held during the year in different locations around the country, in which a traditional Shabbat atmosphere prevails.  

Students who would like vegetarian food on a given tour should notify OSA at registration.

What to Bring?
The following equipment is mandatory for all field trips and weekend programs: 

    Water bottle (3 liters a day on hiking tours)
   Comfortable  closed walking shoes, not sandals of any kind
   Small day backpack
   Flashlight (depending on trip)
   Health insurance card

You will not be allowed on the trip without this mandatory equipment.

  • On tours that include visits to holy sites, modest clothing should be worn (i.e. long sleeves, long skirt or pants).
  • Please note that on some overnight trips you will be sleeping outdoors.
  • Bring any prescription medications. If refrigeration for the medicine is required, you must check in advance if this is possible and make the necessary arrangements in advance with the tour coordinator.
  • Any health problem (e.g., diabetes, asthma) must be reported at registration.
  • An itinerary will be available for each trip.   
  • All students must bring their health insurance card on each trip.
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