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Mathematics Placement Exam

Math Placement Exam

The mathematics placement exam will take place online after you have been accepted to the program. Once you are accepted you will receive a link for the placement test students have until August 17th, 2022 to take the online placement test. 

Please note: 

  • Using a calculator is prohibited.
  • Math Marathon: Students who wish to improve their placement, after taking the exam, can participate in a math marathon- an intensive crash course. At the end of the course there will be a chance to retake the placement test. The marathon will take place on zoom, on the following dates:

September 4, 202217:00-18:30
September 6, 202217:00-18:30
September 9, 202217:00-18:30
September 11, 202217:00-18:30
September 13, 202217:00-18:30
September 15, 202217:00-18:30
September 18, 202217:00-18:30
September 28, 202217:00-18:30
October 2, 202217:00-18:30
October 3, 202217:00-18:30
October 18, 20229:00-11:30
October 19, 20229:00-11:00 exam

Deadline for registration for the math marathon: August 28, 2022

Subject Matter (subject to change)

  1. Real numbers, absolute values, exponents
  2. Algebraic expressions, identities, equations and inequalities of first and second degree
  3. Linear and quadratic systems of equations with two unknowns
  4. Functions: derivatives, signs, limits, graphs
  5. Linear and quadratic functions
  6. Trigonometry: measure of an angle, trigonometric functions, periodicity, trigonometric identities, equations and inequalities, inverse trigonometric functions
  7. Exponential and logarithmic functions: analysis, graphs, equations and inequalities
  8. Integrals of a continuous function, antiderivative, calculations of area

The exam is taken on a computer. You may not use a calculator.

Sample Math Placement




Answer Key

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