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Visiting Research Fellow

The Rothberg International School Division of Graduate Studies offers a variety of programs designed for students from abroad who wish to benefit from the high standards of learning and research at the Hebrew University. These programs are offered in conjunction with various departments in the faculties of the Hebrew University and are an integral part of the cutting-edge research environment of the University.

Visiting Research Fellows are advanced M.A. or doctoral candidates currently who have completed their course work and are working full-time on their dissertations. They enjoy student privileges, including use of the libraries and academic advising.

Application Process

Application for the program is done online, and decisions will only be finalized after all required documents have been received. The admissions decision-making process takes approximately three weeks after all documentation is received by the Division of Graduate Studies. For additional information on the application process, see: .

Required documents to be submitted with the application:

·        Official Academic Records (transcripts, diplomas, etc.) originals or notarized copies must be sent directly from the relevant division/department/program. Faxes are not accepted for this purpose. Documents can be verified by bringing the original and a photocopy to the RIS office. If the name on the academic records differs from the name on the application form, please submit official documentation authenticating the name change.

·          An academic letter of recommendation from a faculty member or dissertation advisor from the applicant's home institution who has first-hand knowledge of their academic abilities and can attest to the purpose of the applicant's stay in Israel. Applicants invited by a Hebrew University faculty member may submit an invitation letter instead.

·          Statement of Purpose . Students must submit a succinct statement of 300-500 words concerning their past work and preparation related to their intended field of study, their academic plans for graduate study at the Hebrew University and their subsequent career objectives. 

·          Passport size photo, which will be uploaded to your online application.

·          Curriculum Vitae detailing academic honors, published materials, extracurricular or community activities, academic study and recent employment experience.

·          Medical Certificate completed and signed by a physician (included in application download).

Fees (for 2015-2016 academic year): 

Application fee: $80

Period of Studies




Autumn Semester




Spring Semester




Full Year




Summer Semester





Fees (2016-2017 academic year): See Graduate Fees and Refunds 2016-2017


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