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Rothberg International School The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Preparatory Program-Mechina


          What is the Mechina?





The Mechina provides students with the skills and instruction to gain admission to an Institution of Higher Learning in Israel. Learn more about the Mechina and the great opportunities offered to Mechina students.


















      How do I get accepted?





Holders of a high school diploma who are qualified to begin university studies in their home country can apply. Students are not required to have completed the SATs, psychometric exam, or any standardized tests prior to applying. 


For more details, click here.


(Home schooled and GED candidates have specific rules, please read carefully)


To study in a city where it all began… where past and present merge…to live and breathe Hebrew…to study with classmates from 65 countries around the world…to become a student in Israel.  




Contact Information:


Preparatory Program- Mechina
Rothberg International School

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Boyar Bldg. Room 406, Mount Scopus

91905 Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Tel. 972-2-5881602

Fax: 972-2-5882363


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