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Support for Mechina Program & Sadarah

Support for Mechina Program & Sadarah

Welcome to Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School! Here’s a look at student life during the Mechina Program.


We are a team of Israeli students (called madrichim) who live in the dormitories and can assist you in getting the most out of life at Hebrew University. Each of us speaks a different language to make helping you even easier!
Our team is here to provide you with the ultimate Mechina experience! We arrange trips, activities, and social events that will enhance your year at the Rothberg International School from a social and cultural perspective. In addition to organizing fun and memorable experiences, we will also help you get used to life in Israel and on the Hebrew University campus, so don’t hesitate to ask us questions about transportation, food, events – anything at all! We’re sure to have lots of things in common. We are students at Hebrew University, too, so please say “shalom” to us between classes, in the dorms, at the gym, and around Jerusalem. Contact us now!
Support for Mechina Program & Sadarah

Duha Obeid

Madricha for Arabic Speakers and Sadarah Social coordinator

Support for Mechina Program & Sadarah

Galya Globerman

Social Coordinator and Madricha for Spanish and English Speakers

Support for Mechina Program & Sadarah

Sandra Rumyantseva

Madricha for Russian Speakers

Support for Mechina Program & Sadarah

Arkan Ameirh

Madricha for Sadarah Program students

Support for Mechina Program & Sadarah

Duaa Hirbawi

Madricha for Sadarah Program students


We work hard to offer you many fun events that will complement your academic experience.


Our trips vary from tours of the unique graffiti in Tel Aviv, a visit to the Knesset (Israeli parliament), and an outing to the Jerusalem Start-Up Hub to fun bowling nights!


Once a month, we host an activity according to languages, such as sushi making, movie night, baking, and more. Check out our current calendar of activities.


During the semester, the Office of Student Life (OSL) also offers evening events about Israeli society, which will help you get to know the different cultures, foods, people, and opinions we have in Israel! Previous programs have included learning about Israeli ethnic groups through their unique foods, and visits from high-level experts such as members of the Knesset (Israeli parliament) and an Israeli Defense Forces media and PR representative. You can also like our general OSL Facebook group. Please also share this link with your friends! A link to the Preparatory Program group will be emailed to you prior to your arrival.

Student Life

Support for Mechina Program & Sadarah
We encourage you to take advantage of your time in Israel and meet Israelis! HebrewU offers many ways to get involved with local students, such as the OSL-Student Union joint program Mehubarim (“Connected”), which has activities that connect local and international students. There are many student groups that you can get involved with, and Jerusalem also has a lot to offer. Students are active in social groups that build community gardens, promote coexistence, and host excellent parties! If all that isn't enough and you still find yourself bored, talk to us, and we’ll be happy to match you with a volunteer opportunity that fits your interests!

Jerusalem is a beautiful and diverse city – and the weather is pretty diverse too! Real Jerusalemites dress in layers that can be added or removed according to weather fluctuations. Bring layers! Also remember that you will be in Israel for a limited time – so bring your laptop and Kindle, but make sure to put them down often to get out and experience the country!


Academic Registration

Obtain your advisor’s approval before submitting or changing your course schedule. The appropriate coordinator must approve changes in language and mathematics courses.

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