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NEW! Direct admission to HebrewU without Psychometric Exam!

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Successful completion of the Preparatory Program (Mechina) in the academic year will allow for direct admission to HebrewU without the Psychometric Exam. Admission will be based solely on Preparatory Program (Mechina) grades. In order to be eligible for direct admission for HebrewU programs, students must successfully complete the required courses and maintain the minimum grades necessary for the program of choice. See below for HebrewU program grade requirements.

           Direct Admission for Sadarah/Kidma Program

The following programs allow direct admission:

Hebrew University Faculties Providing Direct AdmissionRequired Mechina Grade
Humanities (except for Amirim, Revivim, and Cognition programs).85 (Hum/Soc.Sci)
Asian studies, Education, Philosophy, Geography, Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology, Statistics, International Relations Communications, and Criminology87 (Hum/Soc.Sci)
Earth Science, Environmental Science and Plant Science, Agro-ecology, Earth and Water Science, Environmental Economics, Animal Science, Biochemistry and Food Science, Nature preservation and Open Space Management, and Hotel Management90 (Hotel management and Environmental science- Econ/Bus. Other programs- Science)
Economics, School of Business Management (Including Accounting and the Business combinations), Chemistry, Statistics, Biology, and Nutrition and Nutrition92 (Econ/Bus)
Nutrition (Science)
Chemistry, Biology, Animal Science and Nutrition91 (Science)
Physics, Chemistry-Biology Combination, and Physics-Chemistry Combination94 (Science)
Mathematics96 (Science)
Psychology98 (Hum/ Soc.Sci)

The following are the required courses for direct admission:

 Mandatory Courses
Science TrackMathBasic Calculus (C1) - 8 Credits
Advanced Calculus (C2) - 8 credits
SciencePhysics/Biology - 8 credits per semester
Humanities - Social Science TrackAcademic Writing2 credits
Probability4 credits
Elective in Social Science4 credits (minimum)
History4 credits
Business/Economics TrackAcademic Writing2 credits
History4 credits
Introduction to Calculus8 credits
Elective in Social Science4 credits (minimum)
Humanities - Social Science TrackOption A3 electives in Social Science and Humanities – 10-12 Credits
Option BMath Course - 8 credits
Elective in Social Science/ Humanities - 4 Credits
Option CHebrew level Bet or Gimel - 7 Credits
Elective in Social Science/Humanities - 4 Credits
Business/Economics TrackOption A2 electives in Social Science and Humanities – 8 Credits
Option BBasic Calculus (C1) - 8 credits
Option CHebrew level Bet or Gimel - 7 Credits
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