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Jerusalem-Galilee Engineers

Jerusalem-Galilee Engineers

February 26 - July 5, 2017

Jerusalem-Galilee Engineers is an innovative program offered by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and ORT Braude College. The semester-long program, conducted in English, is designed for engineering students in their third or fourth year of studies. Participants take accredited courses in engineering and other academic subjects, while enjoying ample opportunities to become acquainted with the vibrant, multifaceted State of Israel.

The program begins with a three-week mini-semester at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where students introductory course in Israeli society. The course includes stimulating study tours throughout Jerusalem and other parts of the country.


The program continues in Karmiel, the "capital" of the Galilee, at ORT Braude College. At this topnotch technological institution, students study engineering courses for 14 weeks, followed by a two-week examination period. They also take part in the unique Study in Advanced Industry program, in which they visit leading high-tech companies.

The Program

Mini Semester at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

February 26 - March 15, 2017


Introduction to Israeli Society

Academic hours: 30 | Academic credits: 2

This course examines historical, social and political aspects of contemporary Israeli society. After analyzing the ideologies and groups that played a major role in the formation of Israeli society, class discussion will focus on social and political issues which are at the center of current debate in the country. Students will enjoy an extensive series of stimulating academic field trips and extra-curricular activities, offering an enriching social and academic experience through which students can experience Israeli society and culture firsthand. 


Spring Semester in the Galilee at the ORT Braude College

March 16 - July 5, 2017

The spring semester comprises 15 weeks, from March to July. Students benefit from an expert faculty, strong support network, small study groups, and personal attention. Required projects related to leading Israeli companies expose students to real-world engineering challenges and valuable professional contacts.

Braude College combines theory with practical laboratory experience and contact with industry.

The engineering program offers the following courses: 

Manufacturing Processes
Academic hours: 42
This course looks at manufacturing technologies from the shop floor perspective, along with professional literature, scientific/academic and trade magazines and technical databases. Students use analysis tools and decision-making methodologies to optimize production lines, and suggest manufacturing layouts and solutions for commercial/industrial systems.


Industrial Automation

Academic hours: 70

In this introductory course, students learn about automation technologies and manufacturing systems. The rationale for utilizing automation is explored, along with the advantages of both hardware and software-based automation. Laboratory experience is also included in the course.


Study in Selected Advanced Israeli Industries

Academic hours: 56

This course introduces students to leading industries in Israel, stressing industries unique to the country, and those that are especially developed here. The course will cover technology, manufacturing, engineering practices and business considerations, and will include field trips to relevant plants.


Heat Transfer

Academic hours: 56

Understanding of the basic principles of heat transfer is essential to the analysis of different industrial and environmental problems. This introductory course stresses physical concepts of heat transfer and analysis methods that derive from basic principles. Real-world engineering examples are presented and developed.


Introduction to Marketing

Academic hours: 45

This course covers specific aspects that put Marketing at the leading edge of the modern firm activities: understanding customer’s needs and designing a comprehensive approach aiming to fulfill these special needs. The students will be exposed to the basic principles, perspectives, concepts, theories and models that have been crystallized into the contemporary science of Marketing.


Human Resource Management

Academic hours: 30

The course will provide the knowledge and practical tools necessary for proper management of the human work force within organization: planning, recruitment, staffing, performance evaluation systems, career development and work relations.



Academic hours: 28

The fundamentals of Immunology are taught with attention to the singular scientific approach and conceptual development of this relatively new but essential discipline. The introductory course provides students with the knowledge and the intellectual tools to understand Immunology today and the challenges of Immunology in the future.



Academic hours: 28

The course focuses on teaching the principles, applications and limitations of immuno-diagnostical methodology used in clinical, research and industrial laboratories to qualitatively or quantitatively assess the level of biological parameters. The course also encompasses development of immunoassays in research and industry.


Basic Hebrew

Academic hours: 28

An introductory course in Hebrew for foreign students, focused on speaking and elementary communication skills.





Dates & Fees


All candidates pay a non-refundable application fee of US$80


Mini Semester (at the Hebrew University - Jerusalem)

  Orientation: February 26, 2017
  Classes: February 26 - March 15, 2017
  Housing: US$450
  Tuition: US$ 1250 (includes health insurance) 


Spring Semester (at Braude College - Galilee)

  Orientation: March 16, 2017
  Classes: March 17 - July 5, 2017
  Housing,  Food & Study Trips: US$4530

No Tuition Fees for Engineering courses.




Application Information

To apply for this program, please select the following button:



Supplementary Application Materials

To Be Submitted Online or by Regular Mail:

  • A Passport-Size Photograph may be sent as a scanned photo via Email or via regular mail. The scanned photo should be in JPEG, GIF or Bitmap format and no larger than 1MB. If submitted by regular mail, please send one photograph with the applicant's full name and passport number written on the back.
  • Academic Letter of Recommendation : A letter evaluating the applicant’s character and academic ability. Students currently enrolled in an institution of higher education should submit a letter from one of their instructors.
  • Transcript : One official copy of the applicant’s most recent university transcript or an authorized photocopy of his/her degree.
  • Medical Form (direct link) : The form must be completed and signed by your physician.
  • Housing Reservation (direct link) (Optional & for the Hebrew University portion of the program only): Rooms are only assigned to accepted students who submit the housing request form.



    Send the Summer Language Programs Supplementary Application Material to:
    Summer Courses & Special Academic Programs Division

    Rothberg International School

    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Boyar Building, Mount Scopus

    91905 Jerusalem



    If you have any questions regarding the application procedure, please send a message to: .


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    ***Please note: The Hebrew University reserves the right to cancel courses for which there is insufficient registration.***

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