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Celebrating Over 40 Years with Dr. Meron Medzini

Rothberg International School - Dr. Meron MedziniAfter 44 years devoted to teaching the thousands of international students who have attended Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School, Dr. Meron Medzini is retiring. His dedication has been so longstanding that many recent international students were encouraged to take his courses by their parents, who also respect him as an educator and have fond memories of the stories he would tell about his personal connections to important figures in the founding of the State of Israel. In celebration of so many years dedicated to HebrewU and Rothberg International School, we would love for you, his former students, to send in any story or greeting you may have relevant to Dr. Medzini and your time spent studying with him.
Please use this short form to share your fond memories of Dr. Medzini as your lecturer, mentor, and role model:

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