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It is required that all students, including external students who will only be studying Hebrew, who are planning to arrive in Israel for semester or year programs acquire a multiple-entry A/2 student visa from the Israeli Consulate in their country of residence.
This visa is generally issued for 12 months; thus students who are coming for the year are advised to obtain the visa close to their date of departure.


The student should request a multiple-entry student visa, to simplify the process of going abroad. It is the individual student’s responsibility to renew his or her visa. Note that without a multiple-entry student visa, upon returning to Israel from a visit to Egypt , including Sinai, one may receive only a one-month tourist visa.


A/2 (Student) Visa

Students who are already in Israel must apply at the Ministry of the Interior for an A/2 visa. Appointments can be requested by telephone (1-700-55-1111), 1:00 P . M .–3:00 P . M . Sunday-Thursday, or by fax (02-6469523), including name, address and telephone number.

The student must present:

·     An official letter from an institution of higher education confirming that he/she has been admitted to studies and has paid tuition

·     A transcript of courses

·     Valid passport

·     2 passport-size photographs

·     Financial report from the educational institution

·     Rental agreement

·     Proof of sufficient means of support for his/her upkeep during the period of studies.

The student’s foreign passport must be valid for the full period of the visa. Married students should bring the passports of their other family members as well. A fee of NIS 165 is charged for a regular student visa and NIS 330 for a multiple-entry student visa.


External students, studying in the Division of Modern Hebrew Language Instruction will be charged $15 for an official letter from an institution of higher education confirming that he/she has been admitted to studies and has paid tuition

Oleh (New Immigrant) Visa

Persons who are entitled to enter Israel under the Law of Return qualify for this visa. Persons who enter Israel on an Oleh visa or who switch their status to that of Oleh while in Israel are automatically granted Israeli citizenship after three months, unless they officially declare that they do not want Israeli citizenship. New immigrants may work, obtain income tax and customs concessions, and be recruited to do military service. Oleh students may be eligible for financial aid from the Student Authority. It is recommended that students planning to request Oleh status consult an advisor at the Student Authority or one of the immigrant associations. While Israel recognizes the right of persons to hold dual citizenship, not all countries do; therefore, one should check thoroughly the laws of his/her native country. For further information and advice, contact your program advisor or the Student Authority: 15 Hillel St. , Jerusalem Tel. 02-6214555.

Israeli Citizens and/or Those With An Israeli Parent

If you are an Israeli citizen, were born in Israel , or have at least one parent who is an Israeli citizen, you MUST contact your local
Israeli Consulate before departure. The Consulate staff can clarify and formalize present citizenship status, give information about deferment from military service, issue appropriate travel documents, and advise you as to the appropriate visa. Bring all documents related to Israeli citizenship and your letter of admission to the Hebrew University with you. Israeli citizens eligible for military service must obtain an official letter of deferment for at least six months by presenting an official letter of acceptance from the Hebrew University . In Jerusalem , contact the Army Induction Office, Tel: 02-569-4472, with questions or problems.

It is critical that you take care of these matters before you arrive in Israel. If you do not take care of these matters prior to your trip, you may be obligated to stay in Israel by the State of Israel until resolution. If this applies to you, you will be solely responsible for your own situation and any costs involved. Again, we highly recommend that you be extremely cautious about these matters and contact one of the regional Israel consulate offices if you have any questions.

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Ministry of the Interior, Regional Population Administration, Jerusalem :   1 Shlomzion HaMalka St., Jerusalem, Tel: 02-6294802, Fax: 02-6294800, E-mail:

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 8:00 A . M .–1:00 P . M . (except Wednesday)

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