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ALL students must obtain a MULTIPLE ENTRY A/2 STUDENT VISA prior to their arrival to Israel through the closest Israeli Embassy or Consulate.   


Students who arrive to Israel without a A/2 student visa may be required by the Israeli authorities to leave the country in order to obtain the correct visa. 


This applies to the following students:  

·         Students studying for semester or year programs;  

·         Students in graduate degree programs;  


Students will be required to present their acceptance letter from the Rothberg International School to the Israeli Embassy or Consulate as part of their visa application.  Please check with your local Israeli Embassy or Consulate as per what additional documentation is required and what the expected processing time is for visas, as this may vary from country to country.  


This visa is issued for the duration of study.  Students in one-year programs or longer are advised to obtain the visa as close to their date of departure as possible, since a visa is only issued for a maximum of 12 months.  (Information on extending student visas is provided below). 


The student’s passport must be valid for the full period of the visa.   


Married students should consult with their local Israeli Embassy or Consulate to determine the relevant procedure for requesting visas for spouses and children. 


It is the individual student’s responsibility to extend his or her visa if the visa expires during their studies. The student should request a multiple-entry student visa to simplify the process of traveling in and out of Israel.  



Students in Short-Term Programs (less than 3 months): 


This applies to the following students: 

·         Students studying in Summer Courses and Special Programs. 

·         Students studying Modern Hebrew through the Division of Hebrew Language Instruction in the Jerusalem Ulpan, the Summer Ulpan, Scopus Ulpan or the Winter Ulpan.   


These students should consult with their nearest Israeli Embassy or Consulate whether they are required to obtain a visa prior to their departure for Israel and which type of visa would be applicable.   

For information in detail, please view the following links: 


·         Israeli missions abroad 

·         Visa Classifications 

·         Countries with visa exemption agreements with Israel 


Students who are considering extending their studies beyond the short program should obtain a student visa in advance to prevent a situation where the Israeli authorities require exiting the country to obtain the correct visa. 


Students residing in countries where there is no Israeli consular representation should keep in mind that they must obtain an entry permit prior to departure for Israel. 



Extending an expired student visa 


Students who are already in Israel and whose visas will expire during the course of their studies must apply to the Ministry of the Interior for an extension to their multiple entry A/2 student visas. Appointments can be made online (in Hebrew), or in person.   The Ministry of the Interior is located at 1 Shlomzion  HaMalka Street in Jerusalem and is open Sundays-Thursdays (except Wednesdays) from 08:00-12:00. 

At the appointment, the student must present:  


·         Completed application form (Ministry of Interior) 

·         Passport 

·         1 passport-size photograph  

·         NIS 350 (for multiple entrance visa) NIS 175 (for one time entrance visa) [subject to change – check with the Ministry for updated fees] 

·         Transcript  (Available from the relevant academic division at the Rothberg International School)  

·         Letter signed by the Vice Provost (Please present your passport to the relevant academic division of the Rothberg International School.  Remember to allow two weeks prior to your appointment for the preparation of the document) 

·         Financial Report (Available through the Financial Office in Boyar 501 or 502) 

·         Rental Agreement  

·         Proof of having the means to support yourself financially during your studies (scholarship, savings, bank statement, support letter from parents, etc.)  

·         In case of couple: original marriage license 

·         In case of children: original birth certificate 


Note: External students, studying in the Division of Modern Hebrew Language Instruction will be charged $15 for an official letter from an institution of higher education confirming that he/she has been admitted to studies and has paid tuition.  

Oleh (New Immigrant) Visa  

Persons who are entitled to immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return should contact the Jewish Agency Global Center for information about the possibility of entering Israel with an Oleh visa.    

Israeli Citizens and/or Those With an Israeli Parent

If you are an Israeli citizen, were born in Israel , or have at least one parent who is an Israeli citizen, you MUST contact your local
Israeli Consulate before departure. The Consulate staff can clarify and formalize present citizenship status, give information about deferment from military service, issue appropriate travel documents, and advise you as to the appropriate visa. Bring all documents related to Israeli citizenship and your letter of admission to the Hebrew University with you. Israeli citizens eligible for military service must obtain an official letter of deferment for at least six months by presenting an official letter of acceptance from the Hebrew University. In Jerusalem, contact the Army Induction Office, Tel: 02-569-4472, with questions or problems.  

It is critical that you take care of these matters before you arrive in Israel. If you do not take care of these matters prior to your trip, you may be obligated to stay in Israel by the State of Israel until resolution. If this applies to you, you will be solely responsible for your own situation and any costs involved. Again, we highly recommend that you be extremely cautious about these matters and contact one of the regional Israel Consulate offices if you have any questions.  

Other helpful links:  

Nefesh B'Nefesh (for US, Canadian and British students eligible to immigrate under the Law of Return):  

Minstry of Foreign Affairs information pertaining to obligations to the Israel Defense Forces (Israeli citizens and children of Israeli citizens):  

Ministry of the Interior, Regional Population Administration, Jerusalem :   1 Shlomzion HaMalka St., Jerusalem, Tel: 02-6294802, Fax: 02-6294800, E-mail:  


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