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Theology: Studium in Israel – Krupp Program

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Hebrew University’s Studium in Israel, also known as the Krupp Program, is a special graduate program in Advanced Studies in Theology of Religion. This program has been in existence for over 30 years and is offered in cooperation with the Organization of Protestant Churches in Germany and faculties of theology from the Universities of Heidelberg, Tübingen, Berlin, Göttingen, Bonn, and others.

You’ll begin the program with intensive study of Hebrew in our Summer Ulpan and then take courses in both Hebrew and German at Hebrew University and the Ratisbonne Institute in Jerusalem.


To participate in this jointly run program, you will be both a Studium in Israel student and Hebrew University Rothberg International School study abroad student. You will attend HebrewU’s Summer Ulpan before beginning your coursework in the following areas:

  • Hebrew Literature
  • History of the Jewish People
  • Jewish Thought
  • Jewish History and Thought
  • Jewish-Christian Relations

See the Studium in Israel website for more information about the program.


You only pay the tuition and fees noted on the Studium in Israel website, plus the US$ 80 application fee to HebrewU. You do not pay the additional tuition and housing fee listed on the HebrewU graduate study abroad program page. See the Studium in Israel website for more information about costs.


Please check the Studium in Israel website for information on eligibility. You must first be accepted to the Studium in Israel program. Only then may you apply to the HebrewU graduate study abroad program.


Apply now through the Studium in Israel website. Once you’ve been accepted to the Studium, apply to HebrewU’s graduate study abroad program as a full-time student for the full academic year.


Please contact Studium in Israel with any questions.

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