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Pregnancy & Childbirth

Please note that under the Platinum Care policy designed for those insured at the Hebrew University, it is possible to purchase coverage for monitoring pregnancy or coverage of pregnancy and childbirth only by requesting an addition to the policy, for an additional premium. The terms are as follows: 

a. You must purchase the coverage for pregnancy/pregnancy and childbirth when you purchase the insurance policy.

b. Coverage for pregnancy/pregnancy and childbirth will become effective three months from the date of purchasing the insurance policy and the additional coverage.

Important: It is not possible to obtain any medical care related to pregnancy/pregnancy and childbirth if you do not purchase the additional coverage at the time of purchasing the insurance policy.

c. Purchase of one of the above-mentioned additions to the insurance coverage will be at the following costs:

Coverage for pregnancy: 200 NIS/month
Coverage for pregnancy and childbirth: 400 NIS/month

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