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Policy Basics

The policy covers only the individual student. It does not include family members. The policy is valid solely within the borders of Israel. Students who travel outside Israel (including the Sinai and the Palestinian Authority) must purchase a separate travel policy for the set period of time. 

Students with the following conditions must acquire their own private health insurance, because they will not be insurable through Harel-Yedidim:

  • Infectious diseases
  • AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases
  • System-wide problems that impact the entire body functioning
  • Cancer in the treatment stage

Any preexisting medical condition may be excluded from the coverage, including related hospitalization, doctor visits, and medicine. Students with such conditions must have separate insurance. They are advised to arrange suitable, specific coverage prior to entering Israel or they may apply individually to Harel-Yedidim and pay for an insurance rider whereby in the event that the preexisting condition worsens or requires hospitalization, the applicant will be covered according to the stipulations listed in the rider. This insurance rider does not include routine maintenance of the preexisting condition. If the insurance agency discovers that information submitted about prior or chronic conditions is incomplete, all liability will be rescinded.

Each case is individually considered based on age, period of insurance, and the severity of the condition. Pregnancy and childbirth are not covered, but a separate insurance policy providing coverage may be purchased. Chronic diseases – e.g., high blood pressure, diabetes, and digestion problems – are automatically excluded by the basic policy and require special approval as well as the purchase of the additional rider.

For more detailed information, please see the Harel Insurance Platinum Care Policy.

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Pre-Semester Program: “Encountering Jerusalem” 2022-23
Practical Hebrew Beginners 4 credits
One course on various aspects of Jerusalem The Bible and the City3 credits