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Level Gimel: Upper Intermediate

In Level Gimel, you’ll transition from easy to regular Hebrew. Level Gimel is particularly significant, as you cannot be admitted to regular studies at Hebrew University until you complete it. 

Skills Covered

  • Comprehension: Listening to the news, recorded radio programs, and lectures in easy Hebrew
  • Conversation: Conversations, discussions, and short lectures based on the passages read and heard; informal meetings with Israelis, reported on afterwards in class
  • Reading: First encounter with unadapted texts, gradual transition from the easy Hebrew press to simple bulletins and articles in regular Hebrew; extensive reading of books in easy Hebrew
  • Writing: Beginning of practical writing on topics discussed in class; writing about personal experiences; writing of structured compositions
  • Grammatical skills: Completion of syntactic study of main structures; study of the weak verb

Gimel Syllabus

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