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Spring in Jerusalem - Honors Program (3rd-4th Year Students)

Spring in Jerusalem - Honors Program (3rd-4th Year Students)

This exciting joint initiative of Harvard University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is designed for outstanding students in their third and fourth years of study who are looking for a unique intellectual challenge. Participants study together with Israelis in advanced-level courses offered in English by various departments of the Hebrew University. Hebrew and Arabic language classes are available at different levels of expertise. Students experience Israel through field trips, social encounters with prominent Israelis, supervised internships, independent research projects and a variety of extracurricular activities. The program runs from mid-January to late June. (Spring 2017 dates: January 23 – June 28, 2017 + exams if relevant)
NOTE: American students accepted to Spring in Jerusalem are automatically eligible for a scholarship. See here for full information.

Admission Requirements
Third- and fourth-year university students with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.7 or its equivalent are eligible to apply. Consideration will be given to students with a lower GPA if special circumstances are warranted.


Students initially attend an intensive Hebrew language course, the Winter Ulpan (5 credits), and then continue with their studies in the spring semester, in which they must choose a minimum of 15 credits.

At least two courses must be selected from the special list of courses offered in English by Hebrew University departments in such areas as Environmental Studies, Urban and Regional Studies, Business Administration, Brain Research, Behavior and Genetics, Political Science, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, History of the Jewish People, Latin American Studies and the Study of Rationality (2-3 credits per course). NOTE: These courses extend to the end of June. NOTE: Students enrolled in Hebrew University courses with exams may be required to remain in Israel through much of July. Please contact our office directly for information related to specific courses.

In addition, students are required: 
1) To register for one advanced seminar (4000 level course) taught within the Undergraduate Division of the Rothberg International School.
2) To participate in a series of interdisciplinary Sunday brunch lectures presented by leading Hebrew University faculty members.

Students with a sufficient command of the language may choose, as an alternative, departmental courses offered in Hebrew.
The remainder of credits can be taken from among the following: 

  • Courses at the Rothberg International School on a wide range of topics, most notably in Jewish, Israel and Middle Eastern Studies as well as Environmental and Brain Sciences. Students may choose courses offered by the Undergraduate Division or those offered by the Graduate Division that are open to upper-level undergraduates (3 credits per course). See the RIS Undergraduate course list.
  • Language Study. Hebrew and Arabic language courses are available on various levels (3-7 credits)
  • Independent Research Project. Students may conduct independent research under the supervision of a Hebrew University faculty member in lieu of one class (3 credits).

  • Internships. Interning in a private company, public institution or NGO provides a unique opportunity to experience Israeli society first hand (1 credit). 



"Spring in Jerusalem was an incredible experience for me since I was immersed in Israeli culture. I made friends with Israelis whom I would never have met in any other situation. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will take with me wherever I go." 

Avi Siegel, University of Arizona 



For further information, please contact:

The Division of Undergraduate Studies

Rothberg International School (RIS)

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Tel: 972-2-5882610                                                                                                                                                                    

Fax: 972-2-5882363

E-mail RIS


Office of Academic Affairs

One Battery Park Plaza, 25th floor

New York, NY 10004

Tel: 1-800-404-8622 or 212-607-8520

Fax: 212-809-4183

E-mail the Office of Academic Affairs


Application Deadlines


Spring Semester

Spring in Jerusalem

November 15

Late applications are accepted subject to the approval of the Program Director.

Applications can be made through the RIS website at: 
Please note on the application that you are applying for Spring in Jerusalem - Honors Program

  Spring in Jerusalem 2016 USA Students Scholarship
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