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Rothberg International School The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Payment Information

For students currently in  the United States

For students from all other countries:

Payments may be made by:

  • Cash:

Foreign Currency payments are made directly to the Finance Office.

Israeli Currency (Shekel) payments of more than NIS 1,000 are made in the Postal Bank (Bank HaDoar) on campus. Students must come first to the Finance Office (Boyar Room 501/502) to receive a billing statement. This statement, along with the required shekel amount, is then taken to the Postal Bank on campus to be paid and stamped. Once stamped, the students bring the billing statement back to the Finance Office, where their accounts will be credited. Payments in Israeli currency of less than NIS 1,000 are made directly to the Finance Office.

  • Certified bank or traveler’s checks made payable to The Hebrew University of Jerusalem .

  • Online Payments in US Dollars -   may be made with an international VISA or MasterCard for a fee of US $5. To access the payment page please enter your Hebrew University student number or application file number, and your 5 digit code on your personal information page .
    Use your Hebrew University student number or your application file number as your payment ID. A copy of the Payment Summary (final screen) must be brought to financial registration. Please note that it may take several days for the payment to appear on the financial statement.

  • Bank Transfers of the fees may be made to Bank Discount (#11), the Givat Shaul branch (#331), 15 Kanfei Nesharim Street, Jerusalem, Account number 33182.

IBAN ($): IL360113310000006197770
IBAN (£): IL040113310000020197774
IBAN (€): IL030113310000010197771



The transfer should specify The Hebrew University - Rothberg International School and include the student’s name and student number. A copy of this transaction must be brought to financial registration in Jerusalem.   Please note that in cases where the RIS receives a reduced amount due to bank fees the student will be charged the difference

Complete Financial Information Guide 2015-2016  

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