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Alexis Zaken 2014

Alexis Zaken: Alexis Zaken, Study Abroad Program 2014, majored in Psychology and Brain Sciences at University of California, Santa Barbara […]

Elisa & Ella Keller 1986/2019

Elisa and Ella Keller: When deciding which University Gap Year Program to attend, it was only natural for Ella to […]

Yaffa Abadi & Yonah Hochhauser 2015-16

Yaffa Abadi & Yonah Hochhauser When I made Aliyah just over four years ago, I went straight to the dorms […]

Anna Frenkel 2015-16

Anna Frenkel As a linguistics major, Anna originally from Ottawa, Canada, decided to spend her third year of university abroad […]

Jasmine Stoltzfus 2017

Jasmine Stoltzfus As an undergraduate at the University of California, Davis, I had the opportunity to take part in the […]

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