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Graduate Division Courses

Semester courses in the Modern Hebrew language are available to you as an international graduate student who is participating in a study abroad or degree program at Hebrew University. You may also apply for semester courses as an external student. Each course is 14 weeks long, and classes meet for 10 weekly hours (except for Level Vav, which meets for 8 weekly hours). Instruction is available at all six levels, and you will complete a full level of Hebrew by the end of the semester (unless you are an absolute beginner). 



Program dates: October 22, 2017-January 26, 2018
Final exam (Levels Dalet through Vav): TBA
Final exam (Levels Aleph through Gimel): TBA 


Program dates: March 18-June 28, 2018
Final exam (Levels Aleph through Vav): TBA

Class Schedule

LevelWeekly HoursMondayWednesdayThursday
Aleph, Bet, Gimel, Dalet, and Heh108:30-12:008:30-10:008:30-12:00

Eligibility & Application

These Hebrew language semester courses are intended for students in the RIS Division of Graduate Studies. You must hold an undergraduate degree to be eligible to attend. You must also attend classes from the first day of the ulpan. See How to Apply to learn more.

External Applicants

These courses are also open to you as an external student, provided you have the appropriate Hebrew level. See How to Apply to learn more.


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Additional Resources

Are you a complete beginner? Learn the Hebrew alphabet on the web before you start your program. Use Internet Explorer (you may need to select the “compatibility view” setting) to access the online Hebrew Alphabet Learning Program.

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