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Media and Communication in Israel

How to set up phone, cell phone, Internet and television service in Israel 

In this section you can find information on: 

1)      Cell Phones

2)      Internet Connection

3)      Cable and Satellite Television 

4)      Domestic Telephone Service  

5)      Canceling Service


1)      Cell Phone Provider for Rothberg International School Students 2016-2017!

This year we have partnered with the '019 Telzar' company, in order to provide RIS students with a cell phone package that has a competitive price and offers the best conditions – including customer service in English!

Students may now place orders on the secured site and enjoy one of the best deals on the market:

Monthly plan: 

$28 a month includes: 

·  Unlimited calls to mobiles and land-lines within Israel, US and Canada.

·  Unlimited calls to landlines in 40 other destinations around the world! Including; England, Australia, France, Russia and many more!

·  Unlimited texting within Israel.

·  10GB Data.

Two week plan: 

$18 includes 

·  Unlimited calls to mobiles and land-lines within Israel, US and Canada.

·  Unlimited calls to landlines in 40 other destinations around the world! Including; England, Australia, France, Russia and many more!

·  Unlimited texting within Israel.

·  4GB Data.


-      The SIM cards will be ready up to a day after your order is completed, in the Boyar Building, office 403/404. 

Contact with any questions!

2)      Internet Connection 

* There is free WiFi in the Student Village dorms and around campus!

In order to set up your Internet connection, you need two types of providers: Tashtit (infrastructure) and a Sapak (provider). You must use two different companies for these separate services. 

Tashtit: Infrastructure for Your Internet Connection 

Currently, there are two providers for Tashtit in Israel: Bezek, which is the same company that offers phone services, and HOT, which is primarily a company for cable TV. 

Bezek should not be confused with Bezek International, which is a Sapak (Internet Service Provider). 

# Bezeq: 166 or 1-800-800-199

# Hot: 1-800-077-077


Sapakim: Internet Service Provider (ISP) 

Israel is among the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to Internet connectivity. The following is a list of the main Internet service providers. Every Internet service provider offers a number of different packages; ask about the various plans and choose the one that is best suited to your needs. 


-          Internet service providers in particular are negotiable, so don't hesitate to bargain. 

-          When the service commitment period is about to end, give your internet provider a call and ask for an additional special price period. Otherwise, you will begin to pay a fixed rate which is above your current rate. 

-          Some ISPs can also arrange the Tashtit for you -- sometimes at a slightly lower price. 

-          Your internet service provider will provide you with a free e-mail address. However, it is recommended that you use a web-based email account (such as Gmail or Yahoo) so that you are free to change your provider at a later date. 

# Bezeqint: 1-800-014-014

# Netvision – Barak: 1-800-017-017

# Orange: *5474 or 074-7-054-054

# Netvision: 017

# Smile: 015


3)      Cable and Satellite Television 

In addition to Israeli television programming, there are cable and satellite providers offering packages which include a wide variety of international programming. When choosing a cable or satellite provider, keep in mind that you will need to pay a one-time installation fee and a security deposit on your cable box, in addition to the monthly payment. Each additional cable box usually carries an added cost. Some companies offer a one-time payment without subsequent monthly charges. 

# HOT (cable): *6900 

# YES (satellite): *2080

# Idan + : *9524


4)        Domestic Telephone Service  

 There are two main telecommunications companies in Israel that provide domestic

telephone service. When considering the cost of the service, keep in mind that some

companies charge a one-time installation fee in addition to a monthly payment.

Rates may also vary depending on whether one is calling a landline or cellphone user.

Voice mail, caller ID, and internet are all available for an additional fee. 

 # Bezeq: 166 or 1-800-800-199

# Hot: 1-800-077-077


5)      Canceling Service

When you try to cancel service, the provider will generally try to offer you a better deal. Don’t assume it is the best deal that you can get.

If you do cancel service, it is recommended to do so in writing and to send the letter using registered mail. This is helpful in the event that there is later legal action on the part of the provider. (Don’t forget to save the receipt from the registered mail.)

·         Make sure you receive a document proving that the cancelation has been completed.


Student Mail  

Students are advised to inform all parties of their permanent address as soon as it is available. Students residing in the Student Village use the address: 

Name of Student 

Scopus Student Village 

2 Lohamei Hagetaot St. 

Building___, Floor___, Apt.___, Room ___  

97880 Jerusalem, ISRAEL 


Public Telephones on Campus 

There are public telephones in the basement level of the Boyar Building and in the lobbies and hallways of many buildingsonallofthecampuses.In general, public telephones are operated by telecards, which are sold in inpostofficesandkiosks. 


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