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Services for Students With Disabilities

List of Services for Students with Disabilities  

1.      Array of Psychological Services- Created by the university in order to help students, faculty members and members of the community (not necessarily part of the university staff) in need of therapy and counseling.  

2.     Students with Learning Disabilities- Supporting and guiding students with learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD. Providing a large array of technologies and professional Didactic Assessments, for students with learning and writing disabilities. The university also helps the students with private tutoring and group seminars, for improving learning skills such as time management, summarizing lectures and academic writing. 

3.      Student Welfare- helping students dealing with financial problems. 

4.      Unit for Advancing Equal Opportunities, Excellence, and Diversity- Allowing students from minority populations to overcome difficulties unique to them, and to realize their inherent academic potential on their way to academic excellence - from the preparatory stage, and through their doctorate studies. 

5.      Parenting- the University provides student parents with the opportunity of combining both family and higher education. The university allows parents to enroll their newborns to the university day care system in every campus. In addition the university opened nursing stations throughout the university. 

6.      Accessibility- the university reserves seats for disabled students in all the lecture halls and maintain the FM system for the hearing disabled students. The university helps raise awareness among students and teachers for the issue, and informing disabled students of their rights at the university. Students who are suffering from a Neurological disease receive physical therapy and access to the school of Occupational Therapy lab for diagnosis of writing skills, the lab offers typing courses and helps the students overcome difficulties. 

7.      Learning Center for the Blind- Since 1996 the Learning center is helping the blind students of the Hebrew university. The center was built with the help of the “ALEH” foundation for the blind. At the center the students can find a large collection of books in braille and books on tapes. In addition the students receive academic guidance, assistance with academic work and computer equipment for the blind. The Center also helps the graduates with career assistance and organizes community service for the blind. 

8.      In Addition to all of these units the Hebrew University assigns handicapped parking spots and all of the buildings are wheelchair accessible. The law faculty opened a law clinic for the advancement of disabled people. Also the university opened a student cell for disabled students.        

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