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Tikkun Olam and M.A. in Nonprofit Management Joint Track

*Note: Admission to the joint track requires applying to each program separately


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tikkun Olam in Tel Aviv-Jaffa are offering a joint opportunity to earn an M.A. in Nonprofit Management and Leadership while interning in non-profit organizations in south Tel Aviv or Jaffa.


Students accepted to the M.A. in Nonprofit Management and Leadership are eligible to apply to the Tikkun Olam program and enjoy the benefits of both programs simultaneously.


Housing: The Tikkun Olam program provides housing in fully furnished apartments (utilities and wireless internet included) in south Tel Aviv and Jaffa along with program participants from around the world, including the US, Israel and Europe. 


Internship: Tikkun Olam also provides internships in non-profit organizations that serve the communities of south Tel Aviv and Jaffa, including organizations dedicated to aiding African refugees and asylum seekers; promoting Jewish pluralism; providing services to disabled and special-needs populations; working towards Arab-Jewish coexistence; and more. 

In consultation with their academic advisor, the internship offered through Tikkun Olam may be used by M.A. students in Nonprofit Management and Leadership to fulfill the internship requirement of the degree.


Enrichment courses (not for M.A. degree credit): Tikkun Olam also provides an additional learning framework, including Hebrew classes; courses on social justice through a Judaic lens; classes and discussions on issues in Israeli society; seminars on social entrepreneurship and career skills; Hebrew classes and more.  The program also includes monthly day tours that explore the complex issues facing Israeli society and periodic overnight trips on weekends.



Sample schedule:







Internship in Tel Aviv

M.A. classes at Hebrew University

Internship in Tel Aviv

M.A. classes at Hebrew University

Tikkun Olam study day – Hebrew, Jewish texts, Israeli society, tours

Free weekend or overnight camping trip with Tikkun Olam

-Day tours with Tikkun Olam to different locations around Israel will take place once a month on Thursdays

- Periodic overnight trips will be available on weekends. All other weekends are free.


Registration: Applicants to the Joint Track must apply and be accepted to the M.A. in Nonprofit Management and Leadership and Tikkun Olam separately.

Click here to apply to the M.A. in Nonprofit Management and Leadership

Click here to apply to the Tikkun Olam Joint Track 



Click here for the cost of the full Tikkun Olam program (a-la-carte content also available - please see below).

Click here for the cost of the M.A. in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.


A-la-carte Content:

Students in the M.A. program who wish to participate in portions of the Tikkun Olam program are welcome to register for the following components.  Please note: a-la-carte participants do not receive housing or health insurance:


Internship + Guidance: Tikkun Olam staff will help you locate an internship and provide you with orientation and personal guidance throughout the term of your internship.

Weekly Educational Enrichment: Classes and discussions at the Secular Yeshiva, including Hebrew Ulpan; Jewish identity; Jewish text study; issues in Israeli society; social entrepreneurship and more.

* Monthly Tour: Exploring different issues in Israeli society and meeting members of many sectors of Israeli society. Click here of examples of past tours.


Contact Tikkun Olam to receive more information about registering for a-la-carte content and fees.


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