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Learning Disability

Guidelines for Students with Learning Disabilities 

A student will be classified as learning disabled and be entitled to special testing regulations if he or she suffers from one of the following disorders: 


a. Dyslexia, dysgraphia or any other language disorder 

b. Attention and listening disorders 

c. Difficulties with work memory capacity 

d. Hearing and visual impairments or handicap  

Note: Students who suffer from problems such as test anxiety or other emotional difficulties that are primarily non-cognitive will not be included in this category, but will be referred to the Student Counseling Services for treatment. 


The student should contact the faculty teaching committee in writing, attaching the evaluation report of a neurologist, neuropsychologist, learning-disabilities evaluator, expert psychologist listed in the Registry of Psychologists, psychiatrist, or anyone certified by the Ministry of Health to evaluate learning disabilities. The report should be less than five-years old. The student should submit this request during the first month of his/her studies, and the committee will reply no later than one month before the scheduled examination period. 


The following accommodations during exams may be available to students with learning disabilities:  


a. Transcription of an exam 

b. Extended time on exams of 25% 

c. Oral examination  

d. Exam reader 

e. Enlarged printing of an exam 

    f. Other assistance depending on the specific case, according to the decision of the teaching committee. 

The University does not recommend any particular institute for evaluating learning disabilities. The University reserves the right not to accept the recommendations in the evaluation report, in full or in part, and to request an additional evaluation from the student.  


The authorization granting a student accommodations during exams will be valid for the entire period of his/her studies, albeit no longer than five years from the date of the original request. Nonetheless, each year the student must update the faculty teaching committee concerning both the continuation of his/her studies and his/her special needs.  


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