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Biblical Hazor

Field School Director: Prof. Amnon Ben-Tor
(The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

First Session June 18- July 7, 2017. Second Session July 9 - 28, 2017

Tel Hazor is the largest biblical tel in the Land of Israel, covering an area of 800 Dunams. The site is located in the Hula Valley, about 20 miles north of the Sea of Galilee and Tiberias, near Rosh Pina. Hazor is mentioned several times in the Bible and in ancient Near Eastern sources, references which hint to its important position both in the Israelite (Iron Age) and the Canaanite (Bronze Age) periods. Due to the strategic location of the site, controlling the fertile valley and the ancient roads leading to the north and the east, the site was inhabited for more than two millennia (from the third to the first millennium BCE).

Excavations at Tel Hazor began in the 1950s under the directorship of the renowned biblical archaeologist Yigael Yadin. The renewed excavations at the site, directed by Prof. Amnon Ben-Tor, began in 1990. In the summer of 2017, the remains of the Israelite settlement as well the Caananite Palace on the northern slope of the tel will be explored.


For further details including program content, facilities, and fees, click here.

The application process for participation in the excavation must be done directly with the field school.


For full application procedures, refer to the dig website.


Students may arrange to receive academic credits through the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (and transfer the credits to their home institution). The payment for receiving academic credits should be made directly to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Students opting to receive academic credits must fulfill the requirements set by the field school directors (attending all field trips and lectures, tasks in the field and writing of an academic paper relating to the project).

To apply for earning academic credits for participation in this archaeological field school, please click on the following button:


Fees for academic credits include:
♦ application fee: US$80
♦ 3 academic credits: US$360 (three-week excavation)

♦ 6 academic credits: US$720 (full six-week excavation)

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