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Iosif Zhakevich, USA

Iosif Zhakevich, USA

M.A. in The Bible and the Ancient Near East



In completing two years of studies at Rothberg, and taking courses in Bible, Archaeology, ancient languages, Modern Hebrew, and many others, I have realized that the Rothberg experience is much more than a two-year MA degree—Rothberg is a threshold through which international students enter into the world and scholarship of Israel, both during the two years at Rothberg and more so after they complete this program and continue into their future years.   


From Rothberg I went on to Harvard University to pursue a PhD in Hebrew Bible. Though I am no longer physically in Israel, my interaction with my Rothberg professors has continued on a number of levels. On the one hand, because they are masters in their fields, my current Harvard professors continually refer me to the works of my former Rothberg professors as I carry out research in my studies. (With this, I must note that Rothberg has one of the best Ulpan programs in the world because it equips the student to do research in academic Hebrew.) On the other hand, I continue to be in touch with my Rothberg professors on a personal level, exchanging research ideas and discussing opportunities to do such research in Israel. My adviser himself travels to Israel on a yearly basis for research purposes, and has encouraged me to do so as well during the summers.   


On a very practical level, Rothberg has advanced my academic studies in three areas: since I’ve returned from Israel, I read the Bible only in Hebrew; as I noted above, Israeli scholarship in Hebrew is now an accessible treasure trove for my research; and my interaction with my Israeli friends and professors, whether by email, phone, or Skype, is done only in Hebrew. The Rothberg program truly offers an excellent curriculum that provides a student with full access into the world and scholarship of Israel 



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