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Hope Wilson, UGANDA

Hope Wilson, UGANDA

M.A. in The Bible and the Ancient Near East

People always ask me why I chose to study in Israel and the answer is simple. The Hebrew University has an enduring academic history that is unparalleled with other international institutions. It offers an ideal environment for the pursuit of academic excellence, and it is a place where the old meets the new in perfect harmony. It has a well-established rigorous academic reputation that is respected worldwide. When it comes to studying the Bible, what better place to learn than the place where it all began?.


As a Bible student, the whole country is my classroom and the Hebrew University is the only place where that is possible. You not only learn about what happened centuries ago, but actually see, touch and feel the pulse of the topic at hand, whether through visiting archeological sites or visiting places where history has been written and continues to be written. The opportunities are unmatched.In addition to a spectrum of academic programs, they have a dedicated and outstanding faculty that is passionate about what they do. My Biblical Hebrew professor once told the class: "I am not here just to teach you Biblical Hebrew so you can interpret the Bible. I want you to feel what the language is doing [nuances, the underlying tones and mood].” Language is dynamic and, as it changes, it loses its meaning of the day. He equips us with skills and tools that afford us a deep understanding of what was meant beyond the surface reading of scripture. This is one of many examples of the high standard of teaching for which the Hebrew University is known.


I know I made the right choice not only for my academic advancement but for my future. I am enriched academically and culturally. Hebrew University is the place for anyone looking for academic challenge in the Bible and academic excellence!


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