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Politics and Urban Planning in Jerusalem


With three thousand years of history, the holiest sites of three major religions, and a century-old political conflict, the urban planning of Jerusalem could not be simple…


 The Rothberg International School Library invites you to a lecture by Prof. Moshe Amirav, world expert on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, professor at Hebrew University, and lecturer at the Rothberg International School. 


Professor Amirav, head of the Jerusalem Committee and advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak during the 2000 Camp David Peace Talks - which collapsed over the issue of Jerusalem - will speak about his book: 


Jerusalem Syndrome: The Palestinian-Israeli Battle for the Holy City


          When  : 4.8.15 at 13:30

       Where :  Room 211, Boyar Building    


  Please confirm attendance at by 2.8.15

Refreshments will be served.

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