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New Journals


Scientific American, vol. 316 (4) - At the heart of our milky way and of virtually any other large galaxy lurks a deep cosmic mystery – a supermassive black hole. Squeezing millions to billions of times more mass than our sun into regions smaller in size than our solar system, these objects are so bizarre as to seem almost mystical. Now, new wide-field telescopes are allowing astronomers to study cataclysmic events in fine detail. Join NASA astrophysicists S. Bradley Cenko and the late Neil Gehrels in their attempts to unlock the secrets of how galaxies are born and evolve. Check it out in the April issue of the Scientific American!

National Geographic, vol. 231 (4) - much of the public attention has been given to how evolution has guided our development into the type of human we are today, but where is it taking us? Intertwined with a concise but beautifully illustrated summery of human evolution until the present day, this issue of National Geographic takes us souring into the future, simply by describing the evolutionary progress of the present. This includes an interview with a real-live day-to-day functioning cyborg living in Spain and a look at how some of the changes in technology and medicine of the last few decades are changing the human genome once more.

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