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National Geographic, vol. 231 (6) - What constitutes a genius? National geographic takes a look at some of the greatest geniuses of all times, and through them tries to define what makes a genius. Is it nature or nurture; IQ or creativity? Are geniuses brains wired differently? Is a genius Physicist like a genius musician? What parts of the brain are activated, and more importantly, what parts are deactivated when a jazz player improvises? And what advice do some of today’s young geniuses have to give us about discovering our own genius? Explore this and more in the newest issue of NG magazine!


Cathedra, vol. 163 - The six day war caused a significant change in Israeli public feeling towards IDF operations targeted at Arab civilians, claims Omri Shefer-Raviv, in the current issue of Cathedra. This year, marking 50 years to the six day war, Cathedra has dedicated all articles to exploring different aspects that the war aroused, and their historical contexts. In his paper “לאויב מאויב ,“Shefer-Raviv provides us with his observations after studying articles from all major Israeli News Papers between the years 1965-9, exploring the vast shifts in public opinion, and providing some intriguing insights as to what influenced these trends. Hebrew only

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