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New E-books: Magness Press publisher grants special access for Hebrew University users to their collection of e-books, including 'The Jewish Community of Cuba' by Margalit Bejarno, 'Mishnah and Tosefta Studies' by Robert Brody, French journal on Franz Kafka "Perspectives", etc. A full list of avaliable books can be found here: Magnes Press E-books (to access the book, please click the title and press on the 'eye' icon placed by the left side near the book's image). The access is for limited time only - till June 27, 2015


New Journals


Jewish Social Studie,s vol. 20 (2): new issue of peer-reviewed academic journal JSS is available now in print and online. This issue covers various themes on Jewish modernity and history, including the Jewish repatriation from Palestine in 1945-1948, medieval communities and Talmud research.   

Tradition, vol. 47 (1): the missed issue of academic journal on Judaic and Jewish culture is now displayed in our Library. Together with research on Jewish religious thoughts, such as Exodus’ narrative, articles on contemporary interpretation of Halakhic statements and trends in Bible studies are published. The issue is also accessible via HUJI@Find an displayed on our journal shelves near the entrance of the Library. 

National Geographic, vol. 227 (5): the May issue of popular scientific journal just arrived to us! The main themes of the issue is food consumption all over the world, dolphins, Detroit resurrection, cultivation of new breed of bees and the risk of ecological catastrophe in East Asia. Illustrated by colourful photographs and infographics those and other topics are now available at our journal display and online!  


What else? New issue of The Jerusalem Post Ivrit with articles on recent events and developments in easy Hebrew arrived! You are also welcomed to browse through latest Dispatch From Jerusalem issue on what is happening in our city, country or world lately.

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