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New Books and Journals in the Library
Find out more about new books and latest issues of journals in the Library website!

New books and journals
























New Journals


Scientific American, vol. 316 (2) – The variety of articles – all here at the Library’s journal shelf! A visit to Northern Tasmania produces an evolutionary explanation to why workout has little to do with weight loss; the psychological toll on park rangers in Africa as they are forced into violent clashes as a result of a growing illegal wildlife trade; primordial wireless communication – communities that have their very own “whistled language”; scientists now casting doubt on the long cherished “inflationary theory” of the early cosmos. Discover the world – now! 

Cathedra, vol. 162 – In this latest issue of peer-reviewed Hebrew journal you will find: a liturgical papyrus for the winter holidays – its significance for the history of Jewish settlements in the Galilee in the late Byzantine period; Armenian farmers in Palestine/Israel – the Hamlet of Sheikh Bureik during the 20th century; commemoration of the ‘Lamed-heh’ (the “thirty-five”) along the path of the ‘Lamed-Heh’; book reviews and more. At Library’s journal shelf!  


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