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New books and journals
















New E-books: Magness Press publisher grants special access for Hebrew University users to their collection of e-books, including 'The Jewish Community of Cuba' by Margalit Bejarno, 'Mishnah and Tosefta Studies' by Robert Brody, French journal on Franz Kafka "Perspectives", etc. A full list of avaliable books can be found here: Magnes Press E-books (to access the book, please click the title and press on the 'eye' icon placed by the left side near the book's image). The access is for limited time only - till June 27, 2015



New Journals


Scientific American, vol. 312 (6), 313 (1): June and July issues of the most famous journal on popular science arrived to the Library! Variety of topics and plenty of new discoveries in modern science, contemporary trends in research and uncovered secrets of the Universe – all can be found here, through Nature website (only June issue) or by our Library journals’ display (July issue still unavailable online!).


 What else? Special Scientific American issue on aviation future - discover how it developed and what does the plain from romorrow looks like!

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