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New Journals


Tradition, vol. 48 (1) – fresh issue of a journal of orthodox Jewish thought available now in the library! Debates and discussion, Bible interpretations and more included in peer-reviewed articles and essays in this periodical. Also available on-line! 

Scientific American, vol. 313 (2) – one of the oldest educational journal presents you a new August issue! Discover what scientists have to say about Earth data capacity, Homo Sapiens expansion or Jupiter research, together with another themes that will revive your curiosity! Find it on the Library journals’ shelf or on-line. 

National Geographic, vol., 228 (2) – hot August issue is here! Starting with the title theme on Pope Francis new Vatican policies, and diving into various topics like spiritual and healing powers of African lakes or the present and future of Laos after the Vietnam War – discover new facts about the world we are living in! At your disposal on the journals’ shelf in the Library or on-online! 


What else? Practice your Hebrew by reading an adapted version of The Jerusalem Post – easygoing into Israeli actuality and finding your way to the regular papers!

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