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New Journals


National Geographic, vol. 230 (1)have you ever imagined yourself as a famous police investigator? Now you have a chance to see what does it actually mean to be one! July issue of the National Geographic offers you an article on forensic investigation methods together with other, not less important themes on nature and environment studies! Available partly online. 

Scientific American, vol. 315 (1) – can the science help Olympic team to win the races? Of course! Should everyone know how to code? Maybe… The seven-year mission to asteroid – what for? The world can be conquered only by those who always ask the questions! So find your answers (on some of them) in the August issue of the Scientific American (table of contents online) 

What’s more? 

The new issue of Yad Vashem newsletter arrived to the library, dedicated to the Holocaust Remembrance Day 2016. 


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