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Summer Courses - Application & Admission

Admission Policy


Summer Programs offered by the Rothberg International School are open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to mature learners with an academic background. All applicants must have been accepted to a recognized college or university or have successfully completed at least one year of study at an accredited institution of higher education. Students are advised that all courses listed meet the academic standards set by the Hebrew University. All students are expected to maintain these standards while enrolled at the University.

  • Applicants must send all documents as outlined in the course-specific application guidelines. Those who do not possess all the necessary documents by the deadline are advised to submit an incomplete application with a letter listing the missing documents and when they will be submitted.
  • Decisions will only be finalized after all required documents have been received.
  • All correspondence will be sent to the "Permanent Mailing Address" as it appears on the application form and/or via email. Candidates must notify the office of any change of address or personal information.
  • Application papers and supporting documents will not be returned or transferred to any other institutions.

How To Apply


Take a look at our Online Application Instruction Video with guidelines on how to complete and submit your online application.


To apply please click on the following button:



Please note that the application process is course-specific. Please refer to the specific course page for all relevant details regarding the application process for the course/program you wish to attend:


 Summer Courses - JULY SESSION  Course Information  Application Information
 Coexistence in the Middle East Program  Course Information  Application Information
 InnovNation Program  Course Information  Application Information
 Trauma & Resilience Summer Program  Course Information  Application Information
 Summer Courses - AUGUST SESSION  Course Information  Application Information



Course Application Deadlines:

 Course  Application Deadline
 Summer Courses

 May 15, 2017

 Coexistence in the Middle East Program

 May 15, 2017

 InnovNation Program

 May 15, 2017

 Trauma & Resilience Summer Program

 May 15, 2017

 Archaeology of the New Testament

 June 15, 2017



Course Fees & Refund Policies

Information on course fees and refund policies with regard to summer courses and programs, click here.



Methods of Payment

For information on methods of payment with regard to summer courses and programs, click here.



On-Campus Housing

For information on on-campus housing with regard to summer courses and programs, click here.


***Please note: The Hebrew University reserves the right to cancel courses for which there is insufficient registration.***


Summer Courses Application Information

Coexistence in the Middle East Application Information

Trauma & Resilience: Theory & Practice from the Israeli Experience Summer Application Information

InnovNation Application Information

Earning Graduate Credits for Summer Courses

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