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Rothberg International School The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Key to Areas of Study

The course number is a five digit number beginning with # 48… (Denoting that it is a course of the Rothberg Undergraduate Division).


Course levels are as follows:

  • A 1000 course = A Freshman or Introductory Course
  • A 2000 course = A General Course
  • A 3000 course = A Course requiring a Prerequisite
  • A 4000 course = A Seminar Course requiring 2 Prerequisites


Areas of Study are as follows:


AR Archaeology

BA Business and Economics

BB Brain and Behavioral Sciences

BL Bible

CM Communication

CR Conflict Resolution

DC Departmental Courses

EC Economics

EN English

EV Environment

FA Fine Arts and Music

GE Geography

HB Hebrew Language

HL Hebrew Literature

IH History of Israel

II Israel Society and Politics

JC Jewish Civilization

JE Jewish Education

JH History of the Jewish People

JJ Jewish History, Civilization & Education

JT Jewish Thought

LA Language

LT Literature

LW Law

MD Medicine

MH History

NE Ancient Near East

PS Psychology

RL Religion

RS Religious Studies

SC Science

SI Israel Society

SO Sociology

SP Society and Politics

SS Sciences, Social Sciences and Law

TL Talmudic Literature


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