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Undergraduate Study Abroad Program (2nd-4th Year Students)

Since its establishment in 1955, over 20,000 international students have attended the Undergraduate Study Abroad Program
(USAP) at the Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School. Through this unique experience, students earn transferable
credits and make lasting connections with friends from Israel and around the world. Students who have studied for at least
a year  in a college or university are invited to apply for a semester or full year program.
About the Program


Students are required to register for a minimum of 15 academic credits per semester.

The Undergraduate Study Abroad program offers a large variety of classes taught in English. Major areas of study
include Jewish, Israel and Middle Eastern studies, Business, Law and Psychology.
Literary and Colloquial Arabic
are also offered at various levels. 
Modern Hebrew language instruction is an integral part of the program and students take a pre-semester intensive
Hebrew program – either the Undergraduate Summer Ulpan in September or the Winter Ulpan in January –
as well as Hebrew classes during the semester. Students who have completed level Dalet are required to take
at least one course taught in Hebrew.

See a complete list of Rothberg International School
courses .



Total Flexibility


Undergraduate Study Abroad students can utilize additional options:


English Courses in other Hebrew University Departments:
Third and fourth year students with relevant background can choose from a growing list of advanced courses offered
in the faculties of Science, Humanities and Social Sciences.
These generally run three weeks longer than the Undergraduate
courses offered at the Rothberg International School. For the current list see: .


Independent Study:
Students may submit a proposal to carry out an independent study project under the supervision of a faculty member
or expert in the field, who serves as a mentor and evaluates the project.

Proposals must be submitted by the first week of classes. The project is given 3 credits.



Professional internships are available each semester for full-time students, who contribute 8 hours a week to a partner organization.
Internships are organized and monitored by a special coordinator at the RIS. In recent years, internship locations have included
the Hadassah University Hospital, the Albright Institute of Archaeology, the Spielberg Film Archives, the Jerusalem Center for Public
Affairs, the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies, business venture companies, nursery and elementary schools, community centers,
university research institutes and many other organizations.

Students receive one credit for an internship.


Full Support - Academic Advisors

To help students take full advantage of the resources available at the Hebrew University, participants in the program are assigned
an academic advisor. This advisor is available for consultation throughout the year.

Academic advisor office hours will be posted during the first week of Ulpan on the Undergraduate Division bulletin board outside of
Room 426. Students need to meet with their assigned academic advisor to discuss their choice of courses and to plan their semester
programs. Please note that it is strongly recommended that students meet with the academic advisors at their home university regarding
their choice of courses before departing for Israel. 


List of Undergraduate Division Academic Advisors


Dr. Alick Isaacs

Ms. Reina Lavi 

"My psychology course was engaging, interesting, and kept me intrigued the whole semester.

The level of analytical and critical thinking was on par with that of my home university,

and here I got the chance to participate in an interactive classroom setting that allowed us

to really get into the material and connect with the professor on more of a one-to-one level.

I really enjoyed it."

Danielle Natelson, UC Berkeley





Issues in Cognitive Neuroscience was an excellent introductory course to this field.

The professors were enthusiastic and brilliant, with the ability to thoroughly answer almost any question.

We studied the latest research on how the brain works and what's being done to correct neurological disorders.

We were also exposed to the research of our professors being conducted at Hebrew University including a cure to Parkinson's and the invention of a bionic eye to overcome blindness".

Adi Segal, Columbia University/JTS



Application Deadlines


Full Year / Autumn Semester

Spring Semester


May 31

November 15

Late applications are accepted subject to the approval of the Program Director.

Applications can be made through the RIS website at: 
Please note on the application that you are applying for Undergraduate Study Abroad Program.

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