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From the hilltop of Mount Scopus, through the windows of the classrooms of the Hebrew University, the incredible panorama of Jerusalem unfolds. In the Talmud it says: "Of the ten measures of beauty allotted to the world, nine were given to Jerusalem." Medieval maps show it as the heart of the world. Astonishingly, it remains there: the seam line where West meets East, the First World faces the Third World, where Judaism, Christianity and Islam join and intercross. Jerusalem remains at the center of today's political realities and cultural and religious challenges.


Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is well known for its abundant historical and holy sites and fascinating tourist attractions. In addition, this thriving metropolis is rich in art galleries and museums, theaters and concert halls, restaurants and cafes, pubs and dance clubs. Throughout the year, the city hosts numerous festivals, exhibitions, international conferences, sports competitions and many other special events. Moreover, it houses tremendously rich resources for research and opportunities to experience and become involved in a host of areas of a political, religious and cultural nature.


See the Jerusalem municipality's site:


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